New Moon in Virgo: The Perfect Day To Plan Ahead


On September 9th, it’s the time again when we plant our seeds of intention, begin new goals and start to take action on them. A New Moon is the perfect time to ask the Universe what is best for you to start as your connection to higher consciousness is strongest on these days.

The New Moon falls in the Earth element sign of Virgo, the healer and most detail-oriented sign. Let’s look at how you can use this energy to create a plan of action that makes sense for your heart’s greatest desire.

The New Moon is always an exciting time to begin a fresh new direction, project, or manifesting cycle. We often see results around the Full Moon, which is just 2 ½ weeks after the New Moon. When you follow the monthly lunar cycles, you’ll realize that everyone is greatly affected by the Moon and can harness its energy to be successful and efficient as well as predict when things will generally happen.

Success Comes Easy Today

There’s a powerful sextile on the New Moon with the planet of luck and fortune, Jupiter. With Jupiter, the planet that rules publishing, flirting with this earth sign new moon, expect some success in the physical plane to show up. An Earth sign deals with earthly matters after all! Watch the cosmic theatre perform its magic as people are blessed and gifted around you as well.

There’s room for some confusion in the air today so if you experience it or see someone that seems out of sorts, explain that there’s a temporary cosmic cloud that will settle within a day or so. Take some time to chill out, stop analyzing, and just have a little good clean fun.

How To Use Virgo Energy

Virgo is a practical sign that likes to make sure things are done right. We can use this energy to make sure we don’t rush our projects trying to get somewhere without taking the proper steps to make sure we’ve thought of all angles that will make it the most superb and quality outcome. If you tend to be a person that worries about money, this energy could exacerbate it so promise yourself you’ll just take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax and trust the Universe.

Virgo is also known to be a caretaker and we may be focused on sharing the harvest that came on the last Full Moon with others in kind gestures and our use of time. As you begin to take on tasks, just be sure you’re not saying yes to everything; take time for yourself and don’t neglect your own physical needs such as sleep, exercise, and good food.

Most New Moons make us feel like stepping back from society some so we can hear the quiet voice of our soul and get a vision of what is best for us to direct our energy towards. Doing a simple meditation with a journal can help you get clear on what is best for you to manifest during this new cycle. Try not to make it too complicated but put a plan together loosely because you can probably see the steps you need to take to get where you really want to go.

Other Planetary Influences At This Time

August 27th was the first Full Moon since eclipse season which means we experienced the dust settling after the storm that the eclipses bring shaking up our lives to get rid of unnecessary things. That Full Moon probably landed you in a new space in some major way in your life and now you’re probably ready to fire up the engines and start getting to work.

Saturn went direct on September 6th so we are no longer learning hard lessons from our past and able to bring our energy into these projects we are starting with this new moon. The shadow of Mercury retrograde ended on September 2nd so our minds are now back to the present and not lingering in the past. Mars retrograde is over as of the last Full Moon on August 27th so we are really cooking in terms of our passion and ability to move full steam ahead.

We do, however, still have Neptune in retrograde until September 26th, which means we can easily get lost in fantasy or escapism with substances if we aren’t hyper-vigilant to meditate and allow ourselves to experience our emotions with grace and compassion. Additionally, we also are still in the throngs of Pluto retrograde which will end on September 30th so we are still able to gaze into the depths of our subconscious and face our fears which can be great for healing deep wounds.

Concluding Thoughts…

The sun is also in Virgo so try to notice if you’re being overly neat and organized to the point where you’re driving others nuts. But, feel free to use this energy to clean and get organized around the home or office. File things, label them, and get some nifty containers so you feel like your mind can relax.

Since today marks the beginning of something new, it’s our job to take action, ask the Universe to keep our intentions pure and focused on our tasks. The higher law of the Universe that is often hard for us to see in the ‘maya,’ the illusion of time and space, is that energy flows where attention goes. Keep your eyes on the prize.

The old saying, “shoot for the Moon and you’ll land among the stars” has a lot of esoteric wisdom within it. If we keep our attitudes positive about our goals and fearlessly go after them, we often are able to make a lot of progress even if it’s not the exact outcome we desire!

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