Tarot Readings to Create Wealth in 2019


When it comes to creating the wealth and abundance that every karma-inspired soul deserves, we all want answers. And, especially when it comes to wealth and abundance, we want and need specifics. That’s what the Tarot is for.

The Tarot is rich in symbolism so that we can get those very specifics. When you want the 5 W’s answered – Who, What, Where, When, and Why – the Tarot has the answer. Today, we’ll look at three Tarot readings that you can do TODAY that can help you create the wealth you deserve in 2019.

How to Use Tarot Readings to Create Wealth

2019 is a year that is full of promise for abundance for anyone that is willing to put in the work. We can’t and won’t show you how to cut corners or sneak away with the answers and the big bag of money. That kind of wealth is short-lived anyway. You want wealth that lasts, that is yours, and that creates that happy and satisfied feeling.

The Tarot does that by giving you answers in the way of symbols. The answers astrology gives help us by pointing us to the best money or career days of the week or month and showing us where our best potential is forecasted. The Tarot can take that tool one step further, by showing you exactly how to manifest your wealth, and when it could happen.

The symbols you are looking for when you use the Tarot readings to create your own wealth are going to be super simple. Here are two basic rules of thumb to start off with.

  1. First, look for bright and shiny cards. The Tarot is rich in symbolism in this way alone. Cards that have a lot of Sun in them symbolize prosperity. Cards that have happy faces in them symbolize that sense of satisfaction you get when you feel like you are in good shape financially. There are darker cards in the Tarot, sad and angry cards, and some morose cards that don’t give this shiny happy feeling. If some of these cards appear in your Tarot readings, use clarifying cards to ask questions like: “What can I do to change this?” Look for bright and shiny cards to give you a nice idea of your wealth outlook at first glance before you even begin to interpret the cards and the reading.
  2. Look for pentacles! This is the ultimate symbol of wealth and money in the Tarot. Pentacles, also known as discs or coins in some decks, also represent work. If you see a lot of pentacles in a money reading, that’s a good thing! This is the case even if you are not getting the best pentacle card. Pentacles are the money cards and will show you the money, literally, in your Tarot reading.

Now that you know what money symbols to look for, you are ready to start your own readings. We are going to look at 3 methods, the 1-card draw, the Past/Present/Future draw, and then a more complete picture of things with 2019’s month-by-month draw. Grab your cards, give them a nice sage cleansing ritual to rid them of any negative energy or previous questions or readings, and let’s get started.

For every reading, cleanse your cards, shuffle them while thinking of your question, then pick the number of cards required. Repeat the ritual for every reading as every new question “resets” your deck with clarity and purpose. Once you get the hang of it, it only takes a few minutes to re-teach your Tarot cards what they need to do for you. It’s kind of like rebooting your computer every day. So let’s hit it!

Show Me the Money Now! 1-Card Draw

The 1-Card Draw is a wonderful way to just get a quick answer for that day. Or maybe you just have a super generic money question like, “Will I become wealthy this year?” Or maybe your question is for the day, “Will I get this loan/promotion/job etc.?”

Go through your initiating ritual of cleansing your cards and shuffling while thinking of this ONE question. Then draw your one card however you like.

If it’s a bright card, the answer is yes. If it’s a darker card, the answer is no.

But remember, the cards don’t determine Fate or free will, and those variables can change those answers anytime.

You may want to do another one card draw, or, pull another card as a clarifying card. You’ll ask consecutive questions like, “What do I need to do to ensure this YES stays a YES?” Or, “What do I need to do to ensure this NO turns around in my direction?”

Not only will your first card give you a yes or no answer, but it also points you to themes.

Maybe you get a “maybe” type answer like the 8 of Pentacles. The message here is, YES, but after some hard work is applied to the situation. Once you get your original YES or NO answer, look at the interpretations of the cards in our Tarot Definitions to find out what that theme is that you need to apply to create more wealth.

Now let’s look at a more in-depth wealth reading.

Show Me the Money Now & Later! 3-Card Past/Present/Future Tarot Spread

This simple 3-card reading is much like free Career Reading. This shows you the three influences that are impacting your wealth situation right now. These are all themes that give you powerful information that you can use as a tool to move forward in your current financial situation.

Shuffle while thinking of your money life or financial plan as it stands now. Ask the Tarot what your future outlook is given your current financial plan as it is now.

The first card you draw is the Past, and no matter what it looks like, know this influence is in the past. This is also telling you what past matter is influencing your current situation. Maybe there’s a vacation card here like the 8 of Wands that is influencing your credit line for example. That’s how you want to read Past influence cards. Whatever theme crops up here is the theme that is impacting your current situation, and, possibly, your future as well. Just remember about that free will and you can ask the Tarot ANY time what to do to change things as they stand now.

The present card will be the second card you draw. This is where things stand now, and in all likelihood, you already know this answer. The card that shows up here will be of no surprise to you. Unless something is in the immediate works and you just don’t know it yet. You may find out in a week or two if this answer is a surprise. But it usually isn’t.

The third card you draw is your future card. This is what the Tarot is telling you is your future outlook on your money situation… as things stand now.

Don’t like what you see? Time to ask the Tarot two more questions:

  • What ACTION should I take to improve this situation?
  • What ACTION should I AVOID if I want to stay in this hole?

The Tarot doesn’t lie. Expect some blunt answers. But, expect answers astrology can’t give you… today. Write these things down and then get to work on that action plan.

Show Me the Money Forever! 14-Card 2019 Outlook Spread

Give yourself some time for this one. This is a detailed reading that is going to give you FOURTEEN detailed answers. It will tell you all of the above we just discussed, and more.

In this exciting reading, you are going to find out exactly WHEN your money situation will improve this year!

So grab that candle, and a glass of nice hot tea, and settle in with our Tarot Card Definitions to find out your ultimate wealth plan for 2019.

Note to Self: You can do this as many times during 2019 as you want! Remember that free will and Fate can influence a lot of things. Take a picture with your camera of this first reading, and then come back to it every time you complete a calendar month so that you can see how accurate the Tarot really is.

It still amazes me every time. The Tarot doesn’t lie, friends. That’s why it’s so useful in helping you create the wealth you so deserve.

(Whispering: Nobody needs to know but you what you need to do, sweetie!)

So let’s get a crack-a-lacking!

Settle in, cleanse the cards, and shuffle slowly however you like, while asking the question: Tarot, what is my monthly outlook for money in 2019? Show me what I need to do to improve it.

You are then going to choose 14 cards from the deck. Fan them and choose them, cut the deck a bunch of times and choose them. Do this however you like.

Make sure you remember what order you pull them in. I like to lay the cards, or spread the cards, as I pick them so I don’t forget.

  • Card 1 = January
  • Card 2 = February
  • Card 3 = March

And so on for the rest of the calendar year.

Cards 13 and 14 are going to be your action cards:

  • Card 13 = What do I need to do to create wealth in 2019?
  • Card 14 = What do I need to AVOID to create wealth in 2019?

In these last two cards, the Tarot is going to tell you some specifics here. It may tell you to get a job in Card 13. It may tell you to avoid travel in Card 14. You may be told to avoid moving or relocating in Card 14. Or, you may be told to move, relocate or travel more in Card 13.

If this is your first time or you’re new to the Tarot, don’t sweat it if you are confused. That is what we are here for, and what our Tarot Card Definitions are here for. Just ask!

Just ask us, and just ask the Tarot, you CAN be as specific as you want and need to be. The Tarot won’t lie. And, if you don’t like the cards you see, ask the Tarot what you need to do to get out of that situation. You’ll be happy with the result!

Concluding Thoughts…

To create wealth, you need a little help. That could be in the way of support channels, financing, investors, or just plain know-how. Sometimes you need all of the above. The Universe is a Universe of abundance. That means there is never too little of anything. There is enough abundance to go around… for everyone. You want a piece of yours? Make sure you are using our Daily Tarot Reading to help you find that way. Bookmark those Daily Horoscopes too! Then, conduct your own Tarot readings through 2019 to reassess and move forward on your wealthy and abundant life path that Universe wants you to grasp… today. How do you want to create wealth in 2019?

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