30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic
AmbikaDevihas recently helped
788members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about
AmbikaDevi’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to “START PRIVATE READING” from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you’ll need to
first and you’ll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I provide you with expert guidance and give the answers you seek! Extremely Fast and Accurate with I answer your specific questions.

I began consulting when I was a child and have continued to do this throughout my life.

My Services as your Psychic Expert include:
Astrology, Tarot, Dream Interpretation and Numerology consultations. I use my psychic ability for divination and generate Reiki energy with my voice to for healing and to clear you.
Subjects addressed include: Relationships & Love, Career Path and Money, Health & Happiness, Spirituality and Self-discovery, Location and Timing.

My intention is to guide you to the highest potential of your happiness and to “Discover your Dharma” this is the way to find your true path in life.

I lecture and teach as an International Tour Leader and Corporate Trainer and I am an assistant professor for an international University. Each year I travel to Peru to be with my Shamanic teachers who are the descendants of the Inca Empire. These ancient Q’eros infuse me with universal love and healing and I bring this to you.

I am able to get to the heart of issues and bring you solutions in a fraction of the time that traditional psychology needs.

I am a Master Astrologer and Guild Certified Tarot Grandmaster. My main tools are decades of experience as a Life Coach, a college degree in Astrology and a lifetime of reading the Tarot. I specialize in guiding you to success and helping you with your relationships.

To clear and rejuvenate you I utilize the power and sound of my voice and the healing energy of my training as a Reiki Master. I teach you to relax and be happier and healthier by teaching you Yoga Philosophy and Meditation. Discover your Dharma—your true calling—and life becomes blissfully happy!

As a professional Astrologer I use my decades of expert training and knowledge to address your questions. I interpret your soul’s journey using the mathematical and astronomical language of Astrology as taught to me by my master teachers. I have years of experience consulting using Astrology for large corporations and have appeared on TLC: The Learning Channel as an Astrological Relationship Specialist and been syndicated on the web and have written newspapers and magazines.

My interest in Astrology began at age 12. By the time I was 14, I was giving consultations. I continued on with my studies with many great astrologers. I spent over a decade as an apprentice with Barbara Schere, who wrote for Sedona Times magazine. I ghost wrote for her toward the end of her life.

In 2000 I met Penny Thorton who was Astrologer for Princess Di. Penny is considered one of the best Astrologers in the world in the field of relationship astrology! Penny convinced me to attend college and get a degree. I followed her advice and graduated from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Scottsdale Arizona, where I was blessed to study with many great masters of Astrology including: Darrall Harris, known for her expert advice to gamblers in Las Vegas and Philip Sedgwick the king of Galactic Astrology. With Phillip I studied Astrological Math, Creative Writing for Astrology and Astronomy. In addition I trained with Psychologist Sophia Howland who enriched me with the psychological science of mythology.

Upon graduating from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in 2003, I consulted for a sales team leader at IBM guiding their strategies for success. During this time I was the Shaman in Residence for the Revive Spa at the J.W. Marriott in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition I appeared on The Learning Channel as an Astrological Relationship Expert. I went on to publish Monthly Astrology, Horoscopes and a question and answer columns syndicated to several newspapers.

My view of Astrology is that it is the distinct mapping of planetary placements and their unique influences at the time of birth. A Natal or Birth chart is as individual as a thumb print. Any point in time may be used to create a chart. Therefore any moment or an event comes into play. By comparing a Natal chart with the current positions of the planets, personal effects and trends in your life can be addressed.

The comparison of two natal charts is used for compatibility in business as well as in family, friendships and intimate relationships. Members of organizations can be compared to view family, group and tribal hierarchy to gain a clear view of where individuals fit in.

Astro-locality is a specialized view of how specific places and people from those places effect you. A natal chart is cast upon the map of the world with specialized software to give clear information regarding locations. Only the most skilled Astrologers are able to read the subtleties of these unique charts—this is one of my many specialties!

I have been reading Tarot cards professionally since 1972, am a Certified Grand Tarot Master with the Tarot Guild and am a graduate of NorthStar University with a diploma in Astrology. Visual Art and music have been a great passion of mine and I spent over two decades working and teaching the college level in the field of Holistic Health.

The Tarot came to me when I was seven years old. Interestingly, this is both my soul and personality number, a technique of the Tarot. Therefore the Major Arcana card of the Chariot which is both my significator card and my soul card has been taking me on a wondrous adventure! By the time I was nine, I was giving readings with my Tarot cards to neighbors and friends.

Triggered by the amazing imagery of my first Rider Waite deck, I pursued study and knowledge of the mysteries of Numerology and Astrology. By age 14, I was able to construct the mappings of Astrological charts and incorporated this into my fast growing number of requests for consultations.

When I read the cards, a story emerges. I present this to my clients in clear imagery and give valuable suggestions to help guide them through the current situations in the life of the seeker.

I have been a teacher all of my adult life and taught college for eighteen years. I bring years of counseling experience and teaching to my sessions. Whether conducting a quick three to five minute mini reading at a party or a full hour consultation, my clients leave feeling self-actualized, happier and more attuned with themselves.

Venues where I have given consultation over the years include: Corporate events, Private parties, Restaurants, Tea houses, Coffee houses and of course my office.

Allow me to guide you to see the issues and infuse you with healing. I am quick at identifying issues and I give clear assignments and solutions that bring fast results and rapid balancing and healing to my clients. Unlike traditional Psychology there is no need to dig up your past in multiple lengthy sessions.

The answers are here for you, contact me and let’s get started! Happiness and wholeness is your birthright. Engage me to get you on the path you are meant to be on and find your bliss now!
My education includes:
* Master’s degree in Yoga Vedanta education from Hindu University of America
* BFA and BS Education from the University of the Arts
* BS Astrology from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies
* Reiki III High Master, Soku Riku Shiatsu Master
* Reflexology III, Hypnosis and NLP, ERYT-500, RYT-500 Yoga Alliance
* I am currently a Doctoral Student and work as assistant to the Dean as a curriculum specialist and assistant educator for the University. Our focus is health and wellness through the ancient teachings of Vedanta wisdom and Yoga practices. I mentor and guide Graduate Students as a part of this work.
My intention is to bring you a deep sense peace and balance.

I am happy to teach you:
Meditation and Spiritual Yoga Techniques, Tarot and Astrology and to guide you to reduce stress levels and create happiness in your life.

My novel entitled “Lilith” has won an international award. The lead character is a Tarot consultant. The major theme of the story teaches wellness and happiness through communication and healthy relationships. I Travel, teach, and lecture internationally on these topics. I travel the world and lead corporate trainings, give private session and enlightened learning opportunities.

The current writing projects on my desk are course and curriculum development for doctoral studies in Vak-Yoga, the induction of profoundly peaceful meditation through sound and breath with Yoga-Samskrutham University.

I teach corporate trainings and lecture on the topic of communication and stress elimination utilizing the Philosophy of Yoga, NLP and the philosophical doctrines I research.

I put my whole heart and entire knowledge base and network of resources into my work.

I honor your sound and light, our sound and light, and that we are all one with divine vibration and look forward to bringing joy into your life by providing you with all of the answers you seek!

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