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For a Private Reading please and then select to “START PRIVATE READING” from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you’ll need to
first and you’ll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Hi and welcome!! Let me tell you about myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was born an empath and psychic channeler. At the age of 3 was the first time my mother was certain of it. She had taken me to the grocery store one day. While shopping, I left her side and walked up to a woman who was shopping alone. I took the woman by the hand and told her,” Don’t worry it’s ok to be sad because your dad died,
but he’s still with you in your heart”. The woman became upset and cried asking my mother who told us about her father?? On the way home I was told not to, “just speak to people like that”. I replied,” but mommy, she was so hurt and I just wanted to help her”

My mother, her sisters, and my grandfather were all gifted in someway. All were seers or mediums, empaths, and Tarot readers. So, I grew up watching them give readings to our friends and family.

As I got older I found that often I would get visions of things when people would talk to me or I would hear words. Much like someone was whispering in my ear very loudly. At the age of 12, I started working with tarot cards(my mother gave me her deck and I still use them today). As a teen I would take my cards to school and give readings during break periods. Even some of my teachers let me read for them!!
I started giving readings professional when when I was 15yrs old.

~~~~~~~ Gifts used for readings~~~~~~

I will channel your emotions and your physical pain. If you are sad on the inside I will “feel it” and begin to cry. If you have muscle pain or are sick, I will feel that also.
The stronger you feel about something, the faster I will pick up on it.

I can see things and have visions. Often during readings as we talk I will see images of people, things, or places. These images relate to your reading and can be symbolic of things in your life or actual places, people, or situations.

I can hear things from my Guides. Often, I will hear words that apply to your situation during readings.

Claircognizance or “Clear Knowing”, is the ability to know something without receiving it through normal or psychic senses. It’s a feeling of “just knowing” like a “gut feeling” when something is right or wrong. This also plays a role in how I interpret my readings.

~~~~~~Tools used for readings~~~~~~

I find that as an empath, using tools that have special ties to me and emotional value work well for me. Everything I use has a connection to myself, my family, my friends, or my heritage.

Cartomancy is the reading of tarot cards for divination purposes. Tarot readings are more like a story of your situation. Each card tells a different part. If you want specifics in a Tarot reading it is best to only focus on one situation/question, otherwise It will be more of a general reading. When reading tarot cards I channel the emotional energy and use my other gifts to interpret their meanings. Therefore 3 people may get the same tarot card, but the message could be completely different for each person.

I curently use:
2 Tarot decks:
The Rider-Waite Tarot(that was my mother’s deck)
The King Arthur Tarot (I recieved as a gift from a very dear friend)

3 Angel decks:
The Romance Angels Oracle Cards
Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards
Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards

1 Oracle deck:
Earth Magic Oracle cards

Radiesthesia is the science and practice of using a pendulum to access information using positive and negative energy fields in the human body. I can answer yes/no questions for you with my pendulum.
The pendulum I use was made out of my grandmother’s three lead-crystal hearts (one for each of her daughters) and a red thread. The color red represents love to me and I find that thread is more sensitive to picking up vibrations.

Runemal is the art of reading runes for divination. The Runes I use are made of willow wood, which has long held great meaning to the Celtic/Gaelic(Irish) people. Willow wood is associated with the metaphysical and is used for enhancement of psychic abilities. It has a long history of symbolism including: deeper connections to our intuitive selves, clearer understanding, adaptability, growth, flexibility in all situations, purifying/healing of our environment, and also nurturing and love of those around us.

If you have questions about my gifts or tools that I use, please ask. I am more than willing to offer my thoughts and help you better understand how I work.

~~~~~ ABOUT FREE CHAT~~~~~

If you cannot treat myself or the other members in my room with respect and decency you will be removed.

Please do not come in and just say,”can I get a card” or ask me repeatedly to answer a question.

IF I DECIDE TO pull cards:
Please understand that I work off a list of who comes into my room first (it’s automatically updated by the system as people enter) I will call your name to offer you a card. Often my room is very full, so be patient!

Do to the strict rules of Oranum, I cannot answer detailed questions in free chat or give free readings.
I can answer one yes/no question. If you want further details we would have to have a private session.
I do not like to answer questions about death, so please don’t ask.

Free chat is just that, FREE CHAT! A place to hang out and get to know me.
We talk about many different things in the chat room.
Come in and visit for a while. Often it’s a fun place to be!

If logged in as a Guest, please register with the site so that you can participate in the chat with us!
Registration is easy and free. All you need is a valid email address and it takes about 2 minutes. Then you will be a member. ๐Ÿ™‚ Once you have a member name you will not be timed out of the Free Chat and I will be able to connect with your energy.

~~~~~~FREE CHAT FUN~~~~~~
This list is to give you some idea of things that can happen in my chat at any time.

(aka Dueling Pendulums Night)
Bring your pendulum and join in the fun of answering yes/no questions for others in the room!!
Learn more about pendulums and how to use them too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes that’s right. The night we have adult jokes and many innuendos thrown about!! As long as it’s kept in a “decent”, fun tone, and is “respectful” to myself and the members in chat, then it’s allowed.
Be prepared…. I tend to blush a lot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

If there are 12 or more people in the chat. I will sometimes give an 11 card tarot reading to one lucky winner!!

Anyone who has had a private with me lasting (10mins. or more) gets to be a member of my Birthday Club!!
When It’s you’re birthday I will give you a 3 card reading for free!!!(offer is for 1 birthday reading)



This way I can disconnect with the energy from the chat and focus soley on your energy and situation..
If it’s your first time in my chat, please hangout for a bit with us in the chat before taking me into a private
I want you to be able to get a “feel” for me and be comfortable with trusting me to help you. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not always a conscience channeler so I encourage you to take notes. I don’t always remember what I have told you in a reading.

I do not need birth dates, last names, or where you are from to conduct a reading.

When in private I can connect with your emotional energy and the energy of those you know.
I will ask for confirmation and do need some information from you to explain the situation you are asking about so I know where to follow the energy.
If asking about other people, please understand that I need to have the first name of the person in order to focus on their energy.
If asking about future job prospects or schools, please provide the names of the companies(and or schools) so that I can tune in to them as well.

I can do a general tarot reading or use my pendulum to answer specific questions in private if you chose not to provide information and just want some quick guidance.

Topics I cover Include (but are not limited to):

Love and relationships
Career and business
Finance and law
Travelling and relocation
Health and body
Emotional healing
Dream interpretation

Please remember to leave feed back after each reading. I appreciate it and I do read them and like knowing what you think of our time together. ๐Ÿ™‚

Often I will post an inspirational message on my Hall in Community, and I post special events I hold.
Please add me to your contacts so you can be in the “know” about these things. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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