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Hi, welcome and thanks for visiting me in my room.
Please take a minute to read my profile before entering my room thanks..
My screen name is Serendipity, but i am known as Rebekah. I am a natural born empath and intuitive.
From a young age i always sensed guides, and spirits. I was able to have a sense of people quite quickly and would be able to make out who and what their motives were in five minutes of meeting them. I still trust this first instinct as it hardly ever lets me down.

I first noted my real gift when i was 18 when my grandmother passed away. She had passed during the night and i was awoken at 5.00 in the morning – screaming and i had no idea why i was screaming. Turns out she died at this exact time. She has been my guide on this spirtual journey and i feel very blessed she is still here with me. I have had quite a few of these experiences now and am happy to share with you should you wish to know.

I have since helped many people on their way with their choices on their path and if they come to a crossroad, help guide them to make the correct decision for them. I also have the abilities of clairognanzce, clairaudience, clairscietience and am currently fine tuning my clairvoyance and mediumship abiliites.

I am able to read Tarot quite easily and can interepet the cards quite quickly so it can guide our private conversation. I am non judgemental – who am i to judge you ? I talk to you as i would greet an old friend having a catch up. I like to listen to others and can feel their sorrow and excitement.


In my private readings, i will talk to you about your situation and hopefully you can tell me what it is that concerns you- we will work together to try and alleiviate any nagging worries you may have lingering. I ask you that before consulting me to write down or have your questions ready and ask them in private chat. i will do my best to answer them all. I am not here to waste anyones time or credits. I also ask that you consult with me in free chat first and after our reading whereby i can connect with you before our chat resulting in a faster reading and afterwards for a quick wrap up.

I am in love with love so i do love doing romance readings, and relationship readings. I use both Tarot and pendulum for these as welll as messages from my spirit and angel guides.


* If you aint gonna play nice – go home.. I will ban you if i have to.
* Please respect the fact i cannot do readings in free chat bar a demo because of Oranum Rules.
* With a demo reading i choose from the people in my room and people i connect to.
* Please respect that there may be a few people in the room at once and i will address everyone as they enter and try to converse with them, so they feel comfortable being in the room with me. i cannot and will not answer questions that belong in private.
* Please ask me to take me private so i can acknowledge others i am leaving
* NO SWEARING ..please remember your manners.
* NO lewd or suggestive behaviour.
* Please be quiet when i am doing a demo for another – i would like them to get the most out of the reading i do.
* Please feel free to ask me about my abilities and say hi as you enter – its courteous.

Please note:

Please note that I cannot and will not be able to diagnose any medical conditions, not can I advise you on any legal matters. Please go to a professional for these purposes.
Oranum is a website intended for entertainment purposes only โ€“ predictions are based on events as is and if the course is changed or altered, there could be a different result in the probable outcome. We all have free will and the ability to excerise this free will. It is important to remember this when readings are given that the situations and energies and people do have the ability to change so please make sure that if this happens that you come back for an updated forecast.

Please do not ask for free questions in my chat room, I do not oblige and I find it compeletely insulting. I run my room in accordance with oranums rules and any trolls will be asked to leave if they do not leave within 5minutes of being asked to โ€“ I will ban them. i dont like to be rude, but i will be if you make me.

As we are all believers in the higher good, please be respectful of mine and other readers energies on oranum, we all have an obligation to provide you with as much information as we can, but we also ask you to realise these are messages from our guides and sometimes yours as well with messages brought to us to convey to you for your higher good. Dont shoot the messenger, the messages i get are from my guides who i trust to help me make wise choices in my life hopefully we can make wise choices for yours too.

Thank you for your time in reading this and i hope you will come spend some time in my room soon.

Love and light xox
Serendipity xox

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    Excellent reading, connected very quickly and gave really good guidance and advice about my situation. Also gave great advice of how to deal with things moving forward.” … written by NICKY1212

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    Such a good soul and connects so easily. Like talking to a friend that’s known you for years. Very insightful and zoned into feelings too! :-)” … written by kissmeangel

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