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Hi I am Charlotte. Clairvoyant London.

If you want a reading with Charlotte be quick as she wont be at $3.99 for long

If you are viewing this *****YOU ARE VERY CLOSE TO ARRANGING A READING THAT YOU WILL NEVER FORGET***** Charlotte “Guarantees” her Readings and will leave you elated with messages for you to share with your friends and family. Charlotte always gets Great Reviews, has been Vetted by The British Astrological and Psychic Society, is a member of London’s College of Psychic Studies, has appeared on TV, been aired on the Radio, has Read for a major internet advertising agency, is featured at events around England, has read for the RICH and FAMOUS and often reads for people in professions that you would generally think not to be associated with Psychics, (Lawyers, Psychology students etc) is Reader to other well known Psychics, has supported Britain’s most famous Psychics and is waiting for you to connect to her. Charlotte is highly recommended and will amaze you with the amount of relevant, specific information that she brings through. Charlotte has been vetted under the disciplines of Palmistry Clairvoyance and Mediumship, her Psychic abilities are staggering and when she lays Tarot cards out, the consistency of the information that comes through is uncanny. Charlotte is also a Natural Spiritual Healer, Medical Intuitive and International Medium.

Charlotte states in her profile that she has 20-25 years experience, in reality it is much much more. Her mother started teaching her from the age of 3 with Palmistry, in her earliest memories, she recalls seeing spirit from this time too. Charlotte is featured at Events all over the UK, sometimes working on platform and sometimes supporting famous Mediums, Charlotte also teaches and demonstrates at some of London’s famous Psychic colleges.

The Way that Charlotte Works
Psychically and Clairvoyantly, with the aid of her Guides she can Link into your energies and life force picking up on your situation, Love-Romance-career-success-life path and qualifying this via remote viewing.
As A Medium
Charlotte, can bring through your loved ones that have passed over. Giving you messages to share with your friends and family. All dealt with in very caring empathic way. If you give her the name of your loved one, she will tell you what they passed with, a description of that person and any messages connected with that person.
Discussing any questions that you may have………….

Please don’t tell Charlotte anything prior to the Reading (She shall tell you) just clarify that She is on the right path with yes or no answers………….

If you have questions on:

****** LOVE ******* ROMANCE ****** CAREER ****** SUCCESS ******* LIFE PATH ****& MUCH MORE*****

Charlotte will use a spread Called TAROT OF THE ELVES, which are direct and to the point.. Wonderfully forthright and blunt bringing to you the Clarity that you need. Specific Answers can be given to complicated questions.

Charlotte uses a selection of different Oracle cards, Angel, Animal, Fairies plus many others…
Each set holistically telling its own part of your story…giving the guidance you need in your life.

This will look into the aspects of your life PAST…. PRESENT… and FUTURE… Also depicts your life path.
Reading the Palms, is similar to reading a map, looking at the topography. Detective work can identify certain traits determined by contours, linear of lines and positioning.

Modern day Scientists have recognized that there is certain medical information that can be gained from the hand. This can be altered with intervention.

Aristotle and Alexandra the Great were both Scholars of Palmistry and in those days anybody that was somebody would study Palmistry, it has gradually faded away from the aristocracy. However, it dates back further than you can imagine. In many far off countries… India, Greece and Egypt to name but a few.

Extracting knowledge via the various qualities of the hands, including the shapes and lines of the palm and fingers; the colour and texture of the skin and fingernails; the relative sizes of the palms and fingers; the prominence of the knuckles; and numerous other attributes of the hands. The fingerprints will allow a deeper understanding of your life path and Character traits that make you who you are.

Psychic Development
Charlotte can guide you through your spiritual and psychic development using the face to face option, she regularly holds popular workshops here in the Uk both privately and at London’s colleges.

Charlotte can help with meditation, guidance to unblock your chakras. Enabling you to connect to spirit. She is a natural spiritual healer and medical intuitive and can also suggest a few remedies that can help with minor ailments. (She is not a Doctor, so will not give you a diagnosis)

By approaching a situation with the use of her knowledge and Gifts, you can see how a reading from her can give you the answers that you seek.

Charlotte has spent over a year on Sky’s Psychic TV Channels, and loves being in the media with many different opportunities arising, it’s great to test all of the different avenues, to reach as many people in need as possible.

She also works on higher levels with her guides and angels, bringing in help with sound therapy and spiritual, intuitive guidance.

As her consultation free Chat area is important to her, and there are so many energies in this space, so that she can give the best of her to you… she asks that you do not ask questions here. Everyone is welcome to see what she is able to do, this is our area of sanctuary and she wants everyone to be at peace.

This is an area to learn about what Charlotte can deliver to you and allow you to feel her energies too. Charlotte is told frequently that people are drawn to her; Charlotte likes to believe that you are sent to her so that she is given the privilege to help you.
Charlotte is very efficient with the email readings that she provides. Ask her a question in any area and she will be able to help you and guide you through the next phase in your life.
Watch this space as an option for Palmistry readings will be coming soon. Charlotte is a Master Palmist and can give you character analysis, past present and future possibilities and your life path …

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25 responses to “clairvoyantlondn”

  • Testimonial

    She was great, and straight to the point and explained where need be! Brilliant read, great vibs, the reading left me feeling up lifted, positive and hopefull for the furure. I WILL be back x” … written by beebopps

  • Testimonial

    She was a very good reader awesome lady i will go to her again” … written by scorpionqueen

  • Testimonial

    She was awesome :)” … written by lesliecortes08

  • Testimonial

    Without me giving her info, she described me and another person to a T. and her interpretation of the situation is accurate. a definite 5 star reading. thank you so much!” … written by ceffie

  • Testimonial

    She was a true pyschic. She didn’t want any information and wanted to tell me what she saw.. I made her cry, she was wonderful, a true pyschic! 5 stars” … written by rainwater05

  • Testimonial

    She was GREAT! Very fast and accurate!” … written by courtneybdraper

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    Very nice reader. Talented reader.” … written by dstufra1

  • Testimonial

    She was right on with everything! Got my situation very well and went straight to the point! Tells you what you need to hear, no sugar coating! I loved her!! ” … written by skier8001

  • Testimonial

    Very good ! She went above and beyond to make sure I got what I paid for!! She cares very much!! Rating is a 5 for sure.” … written by quaz10

  • Testimonial

    Eased my mind and worries. Tuned in nicely and gave a peace of mind that i am in the track of self growth and that time is for this what i do. I just need to be confident and believe and all works out. Was nice to talk with and really gentle. Tim, time and once more tome and patience is what i need . So i will keep posted how it goes. ” … written by liiloolii

  • Testimonial

    Very, very good !!! impressive !! wow.” … written by J,lynn

  • Testimonial

    She’s so lovely, fast and accurate, very clear and understanding. Don’t pass up the opportunity for a reading! Thanks again hun! x” … written by beccixy

  • Testimonial

    She is really good. She immediately picked up on what i asked and gave good answers. She is above par than many of the psychics and readers here. There are a select few who are just just just slightly better but overall she is worth the money.” … written by jswede1149

  • Testimonial

    She is very nice and fast type, try to answer all the questions, highly recommend her.” … written by lovelife

  • Testimonial

    Nice reading and she connected pretty well.” … written by florwer85

  • Testimonial

    Beautiful lady, clear, precise. ” … written by Tauser

  • Testimonial

    Very sweet, intuitive and wonderful to speak with. give her a definite star!!!!” … written by Isabella110511

  • Testimonial

    Thanks so much…she gave me so much detail without me telling her anything….I will keep u updated” … written by xxsunkist84xx

  • Testimonial

    5 stars for sure wonderful reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” … written by rainwater05

  • Testimonial

    Continued where left off…awesome ” … written by Isabella110511

  • Testimonial

    She was incredible with very little credits…gave me assurance ” … written by Trini

  • Testimonial

    Charlotte is definitely the real deal!! My reading with her was totally awesome! You must give her a try!” … written by marion

  • Testimonial

    He is the most accurate psychic I have ever met. I did a Palm Reading (I used a scanner to scan in my palmto the computer and emailed it in) and an email reading.She described the people and situations in my life with Amazing Accuracy. Then offered grounded advice on howto proceed from there. Thanks.” … written by ravendeel

  • Testimonial

    Clear and very accurate, bless you.” … written by Denisenz

  • Testimonial

    She was amazing, loved every minute!” … written by John

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