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Hello everyone! Welcome to Guiding Light’s Free Chat Room ☺ Please come in!

My request is that you be authentic, kind, patient, considerate, respectful and understanding – I’ll do the same 😉
All guests are welcome to come in and check things out – Please register to be able to remain in the room☺
This is a safe space to share, care, and love one another. We can discuss general topics and I can give you specifics about what I do and how I work, but I cannot give any personal energetic connection or psychic answers in Free Chat.

I genuinely care about each and every one of you and I promise quality service. I will send follow-up messages post sessions and I love for you to return and share what has transpired since our work together 🙂

I understand that your time and money are valuable and so it’s important that I explain the way in which I work so that you can make sure I’m the “right” person for you and get the most out of your session 🙂 Here are some basics:

1. YOU and God are in “charge” of your life… not me, not the divination tools, not anyone else 🙂

2. I am simply here to guide/facilitate the journey of Truth for you – I am 100% honest whether it seems “good” or “bad”, the Truth shall set you free 😉 I promise accuracy to the best of my ability with compassion and wisdom.

3. You have free-will and can choose what to do with the information given to you.

4. The quicker you “act” on the information provided, the quicker the results come – I help you with knowing HOW to apply the information into your life so that your dreams may come true…

5. Unconditional LOVE is the greatest “force” in all the Universe/Universes… This is the energy that I work with and it can truly transform ANYTHING and create miracles 😉

It is helpful to be able to commit to a minimum length of time so that we can get to the root of whatever may be causing disharmony in your life and work together to provide awareness and clarity so that it may be healed and you can live life with more joy and peace. I promise quality service. I also understand time and financial concerns, so should you only have limited resources at the moment, simply let me know and I’ll do my best to have a session with you as quickly as possible 🙂 It can be difficult to connect with a lot of “pressure” so please be understanding of that 🙂 Any and all questions are welcome! Please know that whenever asking about another person, in order to respect psychic privacy, we bring through the information connected to that person in relationship to YOU since you are the one asking for and receiving the reading ☺

I work directly with Source/God/Creator and the information comes in through my Crown-Chakra as “clear-knowing” (my strongest psychic sense) – I am also empathic and clairvoyant/clairaudient. I utilize a variety of tools, but on Oranum, I mainly use the Tarot and Oracle cards… Sometimes a crystal ball 😉 While I work directly with God/Goddess, I also have Angels and Guides who do help me “translate” the messages – They are here for support and encouragement; the messages are accurate and come straight from Source.

I also do energy healing through chakra clearing/balancing – This can truly transform your life and create miracles, especially while combined with a reading.

Finally, my degree is in Psychology (and I practice various modalities). With my degree, I became a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

There are a variety of areas that I have skills and expertise in which I utilize based on what is best for an individual during a session… These techniques include but are not limited to:

Dream Interpretation
– Crystals
– Essential Oils
– Naturopathy
– Homeopathy
– Herbal Medicine
– Flower Essences
– Ayurveda & other nutritional modalities (raw/organic, etc.)
– Personal training (stretches, exercises, etc.)
– Stress Management/Meditation (guided, relaxation, sleep, etc.)
– Tai Chi/Qi Gong
– Aura “reading” & cleansing recommendations
– Light & Sound Therapy
– Psychosomatics
– Palmistry
– Life after death/Mediumship
– Realms/dimensions
– Consciousness
– Twin Flames/Souls/Soul mates
– Planetary Origin
– Akashic Records
– Soul Contracts
– Past Lives
– Parallel Realities
– Deeksha (One-ness Blessing)

I utilize whatever is in the best interest and highest good of my client during a session… I believe in the spiritual AND the physical and that they are not separate… The use of these various techniques helps to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual for WHOLE, healthy, and happy living! That which cannot be used physically, I can utilize virtually/energetically and I also make recommendations that you can incorporate into your own life ☺
To share some more about myself and how I came to be where I am today –

I came into this world on December 25th with a remembrance of heaven and a natural awareness of my connection to the Divine that was and is present with me. I was able to know the way in which this world works – quantum physics, energy, creation, etc. I also came to understand that we are not in control of everything. I knew that the body was connected in every way and that it could heal itself. I knew how powerful the mind is and came to understand mantras and chanting and how this can heal and create in our world. I also knew that the soul is infinite and eternal and that we are all connected interdependently.

I had 3 major life-changing experiences that confirmed many things I already “knew” intuitively… One was a car accident, the second was meeting my Twin Flame (my true equal/opposite), and the third was a death/return to life experience with my Dad, in which the Holy Spirit (or whatever other “word” someone may have for it) 😉 entered me and my Dad experienced me on the “other side”, praying for him and doing energy healing (he was not a believer)… We were connected in another realm/dimension and with the grace of God, we healed his brain and body for a miraculous recovery that the medical professionals confirmed was not possible.

All three of these experiences “taught” me that we are loved unconditionally and that LOVE truly IS the answer 🙂

My final words to you here are – Being aware of your connection to the Spirit world WHILE being connected to Earth, can allow for the most WONDERFUL experience… Whenever life is going good, it’s a blessing and whenever it’s not going so good, it’s still a blessing, but thank God only temporary 😉

Oh and I love to help teach you too how to connect to your own intuition and learn to live it in your every day life for yourself and others! 🙂

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