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First I have to tell you about how I got to where I am , I first became interested in the paranormal when I was very young , I was maybe five or six. We lived in a house on Long Island not far from the “Amityville Horror” house on 112 Ocean ave. Later when I was older I moved back to Long Island briefly to Lindenhurst where a great medium came from called George Anderson and later on I found out that a lot of famous great psychic mediums came from the area I came from on long Island like John Edward , Theresa Caputo , James Van Praagh (Queens NYC) to name a few. But any way we had a spirit in the house , some people call them poltergeist but yes we had one. Ours was nice but occasionally he did get upset and one time I had some friends over and I also have four brothers so it was a small crowd we were in the kitchen just talking and a glass ashtray levitated , spun around real fast and then just flew across the room and smashed on the floor and this validated the fact that we had a spirit in the house because everyone just looked at each other and said , “Wow! Did you see that?” and then the people across the street told me that they also had some activity. One other time my mother was telling us all a bible story (my friends and I) and all of a sudden BOOM! The house shook and it sounded like something very heavy fell upstairs , we all got scared and ran out of the house and my mother went upstairs with a bible in her hand and there was nothing and the boom wasn’t from the outside it was from the inside and upstairs , he was always walking around upstairs and up and down the stairs and when you looked no one was there ,there was other times but that’s enough of that lol.
My mother told me stories of how my great grandmother could interpret dreams and how my grandfather could read tea leaves and how she sometimes had dreams that came true like she told me that she had a dream a little while before it happened that John F Kennedy would be shot and then he was but she also told me that she didn’t like it and blocked it out and ended up becoming very religious and wasn’t interested in divination and as a result never pushed me in that direction but I was always fascinated by it.
I was always afraid of spirits because of my experience with our poltergeist but I was fascinated with with reading cards. In the early 90’s I met a psychic and we became friends some of the things she told me I can remember thinking to myself “yeah right” it was years later that I found out she was right. The only thing strange about her was that she read playing cards and said tarot cards were evil. I first started out reading playing cards but soon bought a deck of tarot cards and started reading books on psychics and mediums and how to read tarot cards and then something strange happened , the movie(s) Harry Potter came out and you could buy every book written on witchcraft , psychics , mediums , black magic and all other occult stuff. I now have a nice little library on all sorts of metaphysical , occult , and religious books. Things have calmed down now and you cant get all those good books you could back then at the stores but you can find them on line if you know what your looking for. So any way I bought a few good books and then started giving my friends readings. Not everyone is into tarot card readings some people are scared of them and some people think its just a bunch of BS and laugh but the ones who wanted readings like it and some of them called me back for readings , what the heck I worked for free lol. I did that for years. Some psychics I talked to said you should never read people for free. I went to psychic fairs , seminars and bought CD’s by John Edward , John Holland , Sylvia Brown and more I even saw John Edward live on one of his tours. Then I started doing readings on myself every day and got to know the cards and what they meant pretty well, I think everyone has there own meaning for the cards with a basic root of the card behind the meaning. Like the Sun , everyone knows that its a good card and its happy happy joy joy. One thing about my readings is that I decided not to read reversals just because to me it feels like negativity so I just don’t do them but I do have a great book on reversals. I just feel that the cards were meant to be read right side up.
My goal is to help people get answers to there problems , help them make tough decisions and help get them get on the right path. I’ve been reading cards for over 20 years so I thought I would join Oranum and help people with guidance and insight and answer your questions. What happened was a few people said to me,”why don’t you do card readings for people?” at first I said yeah that,s a good idea but after a few people said the same thing to me I said the universe is trying to tell me something and one thing led to another and someone told me about Oranum and here I am.
I have made some predictions that have come true , I also have made some that didn’t but I have at times been so accurate that I scared myself , never publicly except maybe once or twice on Face Book. The thing is… to me anyway that’s not what im all about lol I call that “parlor tricks” and there is not much purpose for them except to draw attention to yourself. If I see something very clearly I might say it to a few people but my main journey is to help others with my readings , still there is nothing like a good validation to make you feel good.
When I was little I use to read this book all the time on astronomy all the time and I loved the pictures. When I was in kindergarten about 1967 I use to draw pictures to take home for my mother of rockets shooting into space and to the moon, I remember the teacher asking me “why don’t you try to draw something else?” , then in 1969 they put a man on the moon and I wonder if she ever thought back to me and my pictures and said to herself “ wow that is strange … he was ahead of his time”.
Well anyway since then I’ve lots of things to read about and it seems that book I bought to read would lead to another one. I got all different subjects over the years in my library like Numerology , Astrology , Kabbalah , Ancient Egyptian religion , Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism , The Zohar , The Essential Koran , The Bible , Dream dictionary , The book of sacred magic of Abramelin the mage , The key of Solomon the King , Exploring spellcraft , Norse magic , Exploring Celtic Druidism , Hermetic magic , The book of Black magic , Tarot Spells , Scrying for beginners , Psychic development for beginners , Witchcraft theory and practice , Understanding vitamins and minerals , Open to channel , The Art of war , The Art of happyness , Buddhism and much much more. Its all a pretty wide variety and if I have a question or problem I can always go and look it up.
Currently im very interested in Buddhism and learning meditation , there is so much on the internet and I have quite a few good books on it. Through meditation you can develop and improve your psychic skills
As of this moment my current studies are on emptiness , it takes a long time and lots of study to absorb it. There are a lot of great sources of information on Buddhism on the internet and that is mainly what ive been doing , I have a ten disk box set by the Dalai Lama with hours and hours of info ive been going over in my free time and the good thing about that is if you miss something you can go back and listen again.
One of my passions is playing the guitar , this had led me to experience some amazing things. I have written quite a few songs and love recording with my brother and together we have a bunch of songs , its a lot of fun and I think in some ways it can relate to tarot card reading , psychic abilities and maybe meditation. A few of the songs I wrote I did by automatic writing , I just let the pen start writing , I didn’t know what the subject was or what would come next , some musicians have said that they are just like a medium and the lyrics are out there in the universe and it comes in and they are the antenna , it comes in and goes through them and on to the paper.
In practice and on stage a band that has been playing together for a long time gets “tight” and just like a psychic can do… they just know some how what the other players are going to do , its a feeling of one , a unit. A jam session can last a long time and never be played the same twice live and thats the joy of it , also when you play in a band in front of people , an audience , you get a strange feeling of energy , some musicians call it a high and you audience sends it to you and you send it back to them or the other way around and that’s what keeps players coming back , they want that feeling , the energy , adrenalin rush , the buzz. Also I have noticed time seems to go by fast , it is a hard thing to explain , I guess its much like a psychic gets there information.
I also love the paranormal being that I experienced it for myself as a child growing up I know that this is a real thing. My favorite show is Paranormal State but its not on any more. There is a lot of great ghost hunter type shows now and I love that.

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