15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic
PsychicLahas recently helped
1422members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about
PsychicLa’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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***Oranum’s TOP 5 STAR PSYCHIC***
**PSYCHIC/EMPATH,** HONEST, ETHICAL!. Take Charge of your Life! Honest Readings without the Hype!**
La has been On Oranum since the Beginning . She reads Professionally on various other places and in person.
One of Oranum’s 5 STAR PSYCHICS!
☆Love & relationship
☆Virtual relationship
☆Same sex relationship
☆Break ups/Reconcilliations
☆ Developing skills
☆Self Improvement
☆ Manifesting & Law of Attraction


© My belief is that a psychic should be AFFORDABLE to everyone; this is what I provide to you. For many years,She has helped all who come to her from all over the world with the hurdles that face them day to day. She truely cares about the souls who have chosen to share this realm with her, and wants to help all who come to her succeed in every aspect of life.. if you seek to know, she seeks to enlighten. With everyday life being so overwhelming, you do not have to do it alone. With her help you find answers.Honest, Caring, Compasionate Readings, each with loving energy, she is not here to judge you, but to empower and inspire you in all areas of your life! Psychic La™ is also a 5th Generation Psychic, that she can trace.
Whether its a question about a marriage, breakup, seperation, fight, or an unrequited love, Life Questions?
I can provide you with insight and answers to your most urgent questions.!!
Predictions of time frames given the current path of both you and the others involved in the situation. Freewill STILL does exist and should one of you deviate from your current path this can, and often does, alter the time frame.
In our session I will only tell you what I see as the truth, regardless if it is what you want to hear or not. At the end of the day I know I have given 100% in all my readings and to help you reach your highest good in life.
Psychic La ™ is a 5th Generation Psychic, She is also Empathic,Clairvoyant,Clairaudient,& Clairsentient, (which means she “See’s,Hear’s.Feel’s),and a Medium

Experience & Qualifications:

• La is Empathic,
• Medium (not in a mainstream format)
Tarot Reader
•Life Coach
• Psychic Reader 20 plus Years
• Consulted and still does consult for a Myriad of Psychic Lines and Websites • High-Number of Repeat Clients

***Disclaimer: The advisee is responsible for all of their own life choices and actions as part of free will. Fate and/or Destiny can be altered through your own actions or that of another individual. I will not be held liable, in any way, for any decisions you make based on any psychic reading or spiritual guidance you receive. I am here to help guide you and offer my support..***
***Psychic La ™ does not answer any medical or legal questions, she also does not do mediumship in a main stream format****©
***There are no Free Readings in the Free Chat Area,***

**DISCLAIMER: All readings are legally considered to be for entertainment purposes only. You are paying for my time and there is a strict no refund policy!**


•This was my second reading with La…and she is amazing!!! Thank you La…you r wonderful!! I would highly recommend her!!

•Absolutely love La – she is happy, fun, wonderful energy, connects right away. She has a way that is so compassionate – always makes me feel better! Love her!!

•Wonderful experience as always. have logged many reading with her to the tune of about 1.3 hours… always a pleasure and very dead on the spot… peacefule and full of love… ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **

•LA is very helpful to me in understanding wht I need to change inorder to grow as a person. I will be coming to see her again…. You should too…

•FANTASTIC !!!!! I have been out of the norm lately this past week & so glad I came across PsychicLa ™. Had unanswered questions with distance involved. Something I am not use to & she has graciously guided me. The not knowing why something has changed has been bothering me tremendously but so glad she was able to tell me what was going on & how to handle it. Which makes me very happy. I can now go away on my vacation trip & enjoy without thinking or worrying. As I know there is nothing to worry about other then being patient. She is the best …. & honestly now know my future is looking up 🙂 THANKS

•I am so glad that I found you again…..I wish we could speak on the phone! My typing sucks and you are so good….. I would have loved to chat longer. Thank you….. I will chat again! Julie

•So accurate, was told i would hear about a job shortly and i did the next kind and caring. She is absolutely wonderful!!

•Very good reading
•She was very on target in describing my situation. she was very positive and and to the point

•I had a reading from you in the past and you were very accurate. U predicted right!

•SHE IS awesome! I highly recomend her!

•This sweet soul truly has a natural gift. I recommend her highly. She has a God-given gift.

•WOW…She is outstanding…right on the nose.

•love you – love you – love you! Thanks for the help!

•Very impressed, excellent reading, good with details and very comforting.

•La is awesome! I am so glad I found you again! As always great reading and great advice. Very down to earth!

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419 responses to “PsychicLa”

  • Testimonial

    La goes in like a boxer, you don’t even know the bell ring. She waste no time, she will even see what your not saying. She is gifted and a true gift. ” … written by Bronxie

  • Testimonial

    la keeps me grounded. love her bc my thoughts are always keeping me anxious haha” … written by m

  • Testimonial

    Easy to talk to and is very accurate” … written by ***

  • Testimonial

    La always delivers a great reading I am So lucky to have shared tis experience with her, she amazes me everytime. or any new comers , la is the one to Hire, She has been giving me great messages for the longest” … written by V

  • Testimonial

    Very good reading and advice is very helpful. She has motherly love and gives good advice to take heed from as well. I really enjoyed my reading with La and she is honest as well straight forward..No guessing or asking a million questions..” … written by Red Bug

  • Testimonial

    had little credits thanks to oranum…lol but im glad i came in 🙂 because she gave me good advie and is very well connected to my situtaion” … written by miszy

  • Testimonial

    Really SUPER!!!” … written by J

  • Testimonial

    Amazing” … written by amrita

  • Testimonial

    I think she is absolutely fantastic. She did not need any information besides my name and was able to pick up on my situation so quickly. She was fast and the things she said was just spot on. Definitely give her a try. ” … written by KL

  • Testimonial

    I Loved Evvery reading ive had with her always to the point accurate and Fast,” … written by Vaneya

  • Testimonial

    she has always been a great reader always on target and right. so loving and kind. she really does care….” … written by dee

  • Testimonial

    Such a kind person. I feel at ease. So glad I came in for a reading. Thank you so much. ” … written by mainstreem20

  • Testimonial

    She was very accurate. Straight to the point and gave me specifics as to why and such about my concerns :)” … written by Edna Pedraza

  • Testimonial

    Amazing! Very extremely accurate! Worth taking into a consultation! Really really good!” … written by GoldLove♥

  • Testimonial

    Thank you la, I’m always happy to see you and get updates from you. You are straightforward and honest, not to mention fast.” … written by ali23m

  • Testimonial

    good reading” … written by chrissy

  • Testimonial

    Truly connects:) Highly recommend a reading with Psychic La:)” … written by LightofTruth

  • Testimonial

    always good reading. always la is one of the best on here ” … written by m

  • Testimonial

    She is the best! Absolutely LOVE doing privates with her! She is spot on accurate and such a gorgeous soul! HIGHLY recommended! ♥” … written by Tay.

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