5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic
PsyhcicEssencehas recently helped
432members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about
PsyhcicEssence’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to “START PRIVATE READING” from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you’ll need to
first and you’ll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Namaste, my name is Tatjana and I am Internationally known as Psychic Essence and Rev. Tatjana.

☺ While in Free Chat, please note:
Absolutely NO vulgarity!!
RESPECT: be respectful of others in the chat room.
NO GOSSIP: if you are having issues with a Psychic on the site, please report it to [email protected] don’t mention their name in my chat. If the issue is with another member, release it and move on with your life.
When a demo is in progress, please remain quiet and do not cross chat with others.

What some of the members have said:

*I loved my reading with PsychicEssence. She was completely accurate and very re-assuring. I learned much from her, and I was honored to have spent time with her. Thank you so much for our lovely reading and our time together. Blessings on you 🙂
RuinofDarkness, San Diego

• Beautiful lady… so welcoming and straight away I felt at ease. Insightful, honest and just a warm, lovely person. I’m very picky with psychics but I would definitely go back to chat to her for guidance and insight. Ah, she was really just wonderful!
ttan15, adelaide

• Beautiful, simple, powerful and amazing. lives by the motto that you should not hide your light behind a bushel but let it shine anywhere and everywhere. the perfect booster shot for sure!
AlysiumDream, Melbourne

• Wonderful reading! Felt such a great connection with her she read into problems that I had going on for the past year without me telling her. She also connected with one of my dogs and the health issue she has going on and this subject was not brought up she started asking about this on her own. Highly recommend her to anyone that wants a real reading because she is the real deal and a sweetheart to talk to.
mj1963, ILL

• Thank you for the wonderful reading. you are amazing I highly recommend you. Will be back.
Lorann23, Swieqi

• She was totally amazing, she understood the crux of the problem and was able to hone on helping me put things in the proper perspective. I will definitely seek her counsel out again! 🙂
Sprite66, Everett

• My reading with Essence was the best I’ve ever had. She was so accurate, and the guidance she gave me helped me gave me insight into the root of the problem i had. I strongly recommend a reading with Essence!!! xx
Jesse90, DB

• I asked Essence to communicate with both of my cats, one being just over 12 weeks old, the other, almost 18 years old. With the information I had gathered, I was left more than satisfied. If you’d like to do a animal communication with Essence, please speak to her first before going straight into private. As Essence would say, Animal Communication isn’t for all animals – some may reject wanting to speak to any type of animal communicator, so best to speak to Essence in the Free Chat. xoxoxoxox MWAH
Espionage-, Perth, Western Australia

• Absolutely spot on!! I am pleased 100% and am glad I decided to get the reading
deliliah15, highpoint

How I can help you:

I am able to provide you with the Insights, Wisdom, Clarity and Guidance you need to help you make the best possible decision/s needed so that you can enhance your life.

Tools of my trade:

•The Angel Tarot
•Oracle Cards
•Crystals & Stones
•Pure Energy

I do not need any tools to do a reading, I use them only when specifically asked.

My Abilities:

I am an Intuitive Empathic Medium with the abilities of:
Clairvoyance; clear seeing
• Clairsentience; clear feeling
• Claircognizance; clear feeling
• Psychometry; receiving info from touching an objectively
• Mediumship; communicating with those who have crossed over
• Spirit Communication; communicating with Spirit Guides , mine and yours
• Angelic Communication; communicating with Angels and your Guardian Angel
• Animal Communication; this is different from being a Pet Psychic, I communicate with animals and invite them to communicate with me.
This is just a basic list of my abilities.

Types of readings I offer here:

• Energetic/Vibrational Reading: Done without tools
• Tarot; please have at least 20 minutes in credit or order one by email
• Oracle; using an Oracle deck
• Chakra Reading / Clearing; please have at least 45 minutes in credit it takes about that long
Guided Meditations; if you would like one of these, please speak to me in free chat to find out more about the types I offer and please have at least 20 minutes in credits.
• Animal Communication; If you would like me to communicate with your animal, please speakwith me in chat first. Since not all animals are willing to communicate, I offer a small connection in free chat so not to waist your time or money
• Life Purpose Reading: Wondering what direction you should be heading in? This reading can also be helpful in finding what career is best for you.
• Soul Mate/Twin Flame Reading; is she/he the right one? When will I meet them?
Relationship Readings: this type of reading can help with family, friends, lovers, mates, co-workers, etc. This reading can also help you find out what the root issue is and how to heal it.
Crystal Energy Therapy: Helping you find the right crystal or stone to help with emotional/spiritual issues as well as using them in our private but directing crystal energy to you.
• Spirit & Angelic Communication; Find out the name of your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel, can also be used to bring you a message form them as well
• Medium Reading: Connecting with love ones and animals that have crossed over

Also offering:

• Insights to the “ROOT” of an issue
• Solutions for the issue
• Emotional Healing
• Life & Spiritual Guidance
• Continued Support through Follow Up Emails and Prayer

About Me:

I am an Ordained Minister in good standing with Universal Ministries and have been since June of 2009.
I have had the “knowing” as long as I can remember and always wondered why others didn’t.
I have been reading people’s energies and pains since at least the age of six, which is as far back as I truly remember it happening to me.
Within the last 10 years, I have become aware of my abilities and learned how to fully use them to help others.

My Life’s Purpose/Mission:

“To help heal the Earth, one heart at a time.”
I am here to use my abilities to help you enhance your life so that you too, may live to your fullest potential.

All of my readings are done with love and compassion and without judgment.

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  • Testimonial

    Well satisfied with my reading. I’ve had several readings and Essence has definitely nailed it every time. Highly recommended and suggested to all. ” … written by Espionage-

  • Testimonial

    She’s wonderful and caring and truthful in what she does and says.” … written by EmpathAllisonEB5

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    Thank you very much, can’t wait for the final divorce paper!” … written by BarbaA

  • Testimonial

    Having guided meditations in the past with Essence, it’s definitely worth wild. Feeling your body and chakras.” … written by Espionage-

  • Testimonial

    Very Good, accurate and passionate, highly recommended!” … written by Girlie152

  • Testimonial

    PsyhcicEssence was very accurate with the cards, and had some interesting things to say about the animal cards that I was curious about. I guess a wolf was calling me! I liked her very much, she made me see that I am better that I imagined, and that’s definately awsome! :)” … written by atelmo

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    Good reading.” … written by maryannepav

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    Thank you so much. Very good reading.” … written by katie46

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    Highly recommend…right on point with her every word….one of the best readings I have had.” … written by memzerized

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    Great reading!” … written by yvettepandora

  • Testimonial

    An innumerably helpful follow up reading. Thank you so much again, PsychicEssence. ” … written by RuinofDarkness

  • Testimonial

    I loved my reading with PsychicEssence. She was completely accurate and very re-assuring. I learned much from her, and I was honored to have spent time with her. Thank you so much for our lovely reading and our time together. Blessings on you :)” … written by RuinofDarkness

  • Testimonial

    Absolutely beautiful lady with awesome energy .. Reading was amazing very accurate and left me feeling happy and excited as to what awaits for me 🙂 … Highly recommend to all!! … Thanks soo much Essence, will be back again soon… Love,Light and Blessings to you :)” … written by mystic_haze

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    Thank you PsyhcicEssence!! A true inspiration. ” … written by Laith04

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