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My focus in on delivering you true remarkable value and I have here put together my 5 star popular consultations which have proved over the years to be THE MOST HELPFUL AND IMPACTFUL for many of my dedicated clients! And the best of all is they are right at your fingertips now.

I have always felt a true desire to help people and to make a difference in their lives. Nothing is more gratifying than to know that I have assisted someone in lighting up their life and seeing themselves more empowered to take powerful steps forward. I work as professional astrologer since 1995 and I have specialized in astro-psychology, forecasting and transformational life coaching.

You can harness immediately tremendous benefits for accelerated growth and transformation which comes with this totally jam – packed consultation. We will discuss the strengths and the vulnerabilities that are suggested by your birth chart. We will talk about how these patterns are linked to your life purposes. We will explore your reigning needs and create strategies for fulfilment. Part of the session will be devoted to understanding your present situation and behaviours – we will discuss the astrological patterns happening in your life now and how you can best use the cycles of the planets for success. The planetary cycles and activity in your horoscope will also be projected forward for the next 23 years. We will discuss the future developments and create strategies for maximum growth. You’ll get a clear, helpful, and uplifting understanding of your life potential as well as a look forward to the next few year’s major events, changes, and opportunities. The consultation is a two-way discussion — you may ask questions at any time. This reading includes live interpretation of major transits, secondary progressions, solar chart and eclipses for next 12 months in your life! Covering all life aspects, combination of this tools enables precise timing of possible events and offers wealth of valuable information. I always evaluate planetary placements during this calendar year, last year, and next year in order to understand what you’ve been through, where you are now, and where you’re heading. The context is helpful in the process of gaining lasting clarity, so that you can make informed choices to move successfully forward. Duration of the consultation is whooping 120 minutes. I need your date, time and place of birth in order to prepare your horoscope. An accurate time of birth is important… generally this is available on your birth certificate. Looking forward to connect with you and to arrange your session I am covering here all major life questions you might have:
relationship and love dynamics
• money matters, career transitions and success & achievement
• self-understanding, spiritual development
• life direction, clarity
• education
• children, family matters, friendships
• relocation, travel
• Make your move when the time is right
• Know when to hold back and wait
• Choose a favourable date in advance
• Avoid problematical outcomes
• Align your goals with the cosmos
• Increase your chances of having a positive outcome
• Learn how to navigate best through periods of crisis
This step by step guide offers you an invaluable insight into your love life. I will focus on how will your romantic life develop over the coming time and you will discover the best timings and strategies to make your love life happy and fulfilling. IF YOU ARE IN RELATIONSHIP, I will use synastry and composite chart to explore the dynamic of your relationship and you will discover insights about your partner and your relationship which you never had before. There will be a plenty of sound advice on how to navigate the romantic ups and downs. IF YOU ARE SINGLE:I am focusing on your birth chart, progressed and solar arc.chart to see how your romantic life will unfold within next few years and how you can get the best out of coming period. In the process you will gain clarity and discover and learn in depth about your weaknesses and your strengths and your relationship values and needs. You will learn as well about your ideal partner and how to attract one. With new beneficial knowledge and attitudes in your hands you will easily take new steps towards more fulfillment and happiness. Looking forward to connect with you and soon

Success and Achievement is the area of continuous challenge in life, questions arising are countless and with this consultation you can get practical advise and guidance for any career concern. I am primarily focusing here on answering any questions you might have in relation to your difficult job challenges, vocation or life path decisions, business and financial matters. I will look at where you are at with your life now, where you want to go in the future and what you still want to achieve for yourself, and very important the best ways and best timings to accomplish your goals! It is so much easier to move rapidly forward in the right direction when you harness all the benefits and clarity which comes with this session.
One of those “must have” live consultations for anyone with a NEWBORN, TODDLER or TEENAGER in their lives. This consultation has proved over the years to be especially helpful for parents helping them to master parenting easier and enjoy fulfilling and joyful connection with their children. It is especially designed for gaining valuable insight and understanding of your child and I will help you recognize and attune to your child’s strengths, gifts, potential and challenges your child may face as they grow and develop. What we exactly should do to nurture each child as a unique individual to achieve their maximum potential will vary from child to child, even if they come from the same family. This essential information gives your child every chance to reach their full potential — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Looking forward to connect with soon.
• Child’s personality and emotional needs
• Balance positive and negative personality traits
• Fears and insecurities
• Child’s strengths, talents and potential
• Relationship parents & child
• How to improve communication
• Friendships and relationships with siblings (if a
And as they say “SUGAR COMES AT THE END” I have left my BEST for very end too. I am very happy to be able to offer you new revolutionary synergy of Astrology and NLP to deliver you empowerment and transformation like you have never seen before. Transformational Breakthrough Coaching is designed to help you breakthrough quickly and easily through your challenges and get the best out of your life. Below are some of the areas where this special individual tailored one to one coaching will help you turbo charge your life and successfully rapidly move forward. Limiting believes and attitudes, Anxieties , Phobias, Fears, Nightmares, Addictions, Compulsions, Low self-confidence in any life situations, Anger, Stress, Procrastination, Tiredness, Low-motivation, Depression, Stress Management and Balance, Relationships and Intimacy.

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