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2017 has been a whirlwind of change and upheaval. Our political climate is tense, yet progressive—this year we saw the first trans woman to be voted into public office, which is a long overdue feat. Our information age is booming and growing faster than we can keep up with, yet there are many ways in which we are more connected as a society.

This year has encompassed a rollercoaster of emotions and growth, pain and endurance, and you might be curious about what 2018 will bring.

The upcoming year can be thought of as The Year of Manifestation. This is the time to evaluate and restructure goals and utilize the tools that will liberate you from prior struggles and limitations. Using astroloogia, numeroloogia, tarot, motivation and determination, you can make this your most freeing year to date.

Astrologically Speaking….

2018 will be wonderfully filled with feminine energy, which should result in a slightly softer ambiance for the upcoming year. With Pluto and Saturn relaxing in Capricorn, Jupiter hanging out in Scorpio and Neptune booking a stay in Pisces, we’ll have many of our major planets in feminine, or yin signs—as opposed to a masculine, or Yang, energiat.

Rolling into May of this year, the entirety of the primary planets will be residing in feminine signs, as Uraan moves into Taurus. The previous years included a multitude of fiery, airy energia; but this year should produce a lighter, more liberated quality of internal peace and stability in our surroundings.

Saturn will be roaming in Capricorn for its typical stay of three years, which creates the perfect setting for creating solid foundations—this is a wonderful time to go deep within yourself, discover where your passions lie and begin to build the structure that will maja oma tulevik goals and dreams. There is a sense of commitment to the task, a natural response that unfolds in this environment.

Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until late autumn this year, which urges us to practice introspection, honesty and depth. The overall theme of the year will be examining the internal self to locate our basest desires and building an external foundation upon which our goals can be achieved.

Following the astrological inclinations for your specific birth chart will better prepare you for the esoteric energies coming this year. There is a freedom in knowing what to expect this year. Astrology can be thought of as our spiritual and psychological weather—while it may not alati rain when predicted, it’s nice to have an umbrella, just in case.

Crunching the Numbers….


Eleven is considered a Master Number in numerology and harnesses the energies of intuition, evolution, and growth. The intensity of the vibrational energy of eleven is palpable and will be observable all year. Master Numbers are incredibly spiritual and wash over us with a sense of connection and the power of universal armastus.

Eleven increases our sensitivities, our compassion for others and our suhted koos taevalik or otherworldly. This year will improve your extrasensory perceptions and psychic abilities, as you connect with the celestial energies around you.

It’s in the Cards…

Tarot is a wonderful way to clear your mind, prepare yourself for change and open your eyes to new perspectives. The cards will always show you what you vajadus to see and give you a new lease on old mindsets. This year, try reading the cards once a week and creating a journal to record your experiences.

You’ll be amazed at the accuracy of tarot, recognizing patterns in repetitious cards and themes. I’m sometimes surprised to find that no amount of shuffling will drastically change the outcome of my readings, as I pull the same cards again and again.

Developing a special suhe with the tarot will allow you to observe your life through an objective, rational lens while embracing your creative, emotional side. The liberating qualities that tarot can provide are found in its intuitive approach—each card speaks to every person differently.

You may not immediately get the answers you want, but with time, you’ll learn to see the truth and freedom each card provides.

Preparation, Liberation, and Celebration

Using tools such as astrology, numerology and tarot will help prepare you mentally and emotionally for the changes to come this year. These ancient practices provide hope for the future, persistence for the present and resolve for the past. These practices might start as a hobby only to develop into a habit and then a lifeline.

Astrology, numerology, and tarot can be the honest friends you need during rough patches, the moments of spiritual solitude in a chaotic world. Sit down with your tools of magic and plan for the freedom that will be found in 2018—the glorious liberation that will shine on you this year.

Celebrate your life and the goals to be achieved, the relationships to be sparked and the friendships to be maintained. Use astrology, numerology, and tarot as your spiritual meteorologists—and when it calls for rain?

Bring an umbrella.

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Many people question free online tarot readings, especially free ones. And with good reason! People (including myself) have gone through the mental gymnastics of trying to sense if there is any truth to what a computer can generate for us in a free tarot reading.

Companies are realizing there is a fast-growing demand for online tarot card readings and that poses an opportunity for them to cut corners. Personally, I feel this takes advantage of vulnerable people and waters down the potency and reputation of the incredible tool that tarot is for intuition. As always, we won’t sugar coat this because we want you to be able to navigate the spiritual world. Hopefully the information in this article will help you find your guidance through people that have true integrity.

Free Tarot Readings Are Everywhere Online, But How Accurate Are They?

When you find a free online tarot reading website, you don’t know who is behind it. You don’t know if they truly want to help you or if they are more interested in taking your money after the freebie. There are a few different types of free tarot readings and some are more helpful than others.

Most free tarot readings are done by a computer, meaning there is no human being on the other side of the screen interpreting the cards for you. Although a human created the card interpretations originally, an experienced, human tarot reader is necessary to help tie the interpretations into your life using their intuition. Intuition is simply not something you can program into a computer. However, you can use your own intuition to tie it into your life. It just may not be as in depth because when a person shuffles there are even more moments where intuition can help them such as when shuffling and choosing which spread to use.

Essentially, the intuitive process – which is the whole point of tarot reading – is bypassed, so the person getting the free tarot reading is getting only a small tidbit of vague information that may or may not relate to their question. This also means that it is up to them to use their own intuition to interpret the reading, and that may not be a skill they have (especially true for beginners). This poses the risk that people are taking the advice of a computer, which is obviously not a good idea.

First, Let’s Understand How Tarot Card Reading Works

Let’s back up for a minute and look at how a tarot card reading works so we can understand why a human is such a crucial part of the process.

Tarot cards are meant to represent major and minor life events, as well as our most basic human emotions, goals, and learning lessons. Using archetypes, symbols, and colours, the cards are able to allow a person to access their own intuition, which speaks in the Universal language of emotion and energy instead of logic and reason.

A trained tarot card reader will use their intuition and the feelings they pick up from their client to give the most helpful interpretation of the cards for that unique individual. Without the person, the cards are not going to reveal as much specificity. If you or someone else were to simply reads the meanings of the cards without tying it into your own life, chances are it will feel somewhat vague. This is why it’s important for you to pay attention to what thoughts and feelings come to you when you get an online tarot reading. Keep your intention focused on obtaining the truth from your higher consciousness and the cards will begin to help you expand.

Of course, an in-person reading which may allow you to shuffle the cards and even choose the cards allows you to use your intuition in more steps in the process which can heighten the layers of truth that come to you as if you have a homing beacon on a target. As long as you get some guidance from your intuition in a free online tarot reading, it’s more than what most people are getting. Everyone has intuition and it gets stronger the more you use it.

Seal on 3 Parts: Card Shuffling, Card Selection, and Interpretation

In your quest to determine if a free computer generated tarot reading is accurate, it’s important to understand the human elements of a tarot reading, which are undeniably what make it possible for spirit to be contacted and for the magic of the cards to come alive.

1. Card Shuffling

If a computer is shuffling the cards, there is no way to pick up on your emotions. As a tarot reader and someone who has used tarot cards for myself, I know that I stop shuffling when it feels like I should. Some tarot readers also have the person they’re reading for tell them when they feel it’s time to stop shuffling in order to let both people’s energia blend. There is a trust being developed here through intention setting and the understanding that spirit is working with us and guiding us.

The rituaal of shuffling is replicated in certain computer programs, which is something that may help you sense your intuition because you want to feel when it is the right time to stop. However, people access their intuition through ritual repetition in many forms, such as in reading coffee beans, meditative drawing, and even scattering leaves. What’s most important in accessing your intuition is knowing that it’s there, having the intention to access it, and having a ritual you use to exercise it.

2. Card Selection

In any tarot card reading, the reader will determine which spread of cards is appropriate for the question being asked. There are many different spreads that can be chosen and this is a big reason why having a real tarot reader do the reading makes it much more accurate on an energetic level. When doing your own spreads, you get to choose what spread feels like the right one. While some computer programs do allow people to choose a certain type of spread, they may not know which spread is most effective to resolve the issue they are seeking insight into.

3. Interpretation of the Tarot Cards

There is a huge difference between someone who is grieving and someone who is feeling overall content with their lives. That means that the vast amount of information one card can produce would be interpreted differently for each person based on the energy they are experiencing on that day. That energy, along with the person’s unique personality and natal chart, would greatly change the way a reader would understand and interpret things so that they are speaking in a way that person will receive best. A computer misses all of these subtle nuances and you could be left feeling more confused that helped.

What Are The Differences Between Paid & Free Tarot Card Readings?

Some online websites offer free tarot card readings that are computer generated. You can also find apps that allow you to use a tarot deck electronically. You’ve probably encountered websites that offer paid tarot card readings too.

When I was just learning about intuition and asking for guidance, I was gullible. I paid for computer generated readings and projected my own interpretation that I wanted onto them. I didn’t feel they were all that helpful because I didn’t yet know how to distinguish between what my ego wanted to hear and what my inner guidance was saying.

Sometimes paid tarot card readings are done by a human which allows the reader, if they are good, to pick up on your energy using electronic means. But remember, just because you’re paying for it and a human is shuffling the cards, doesn’t mean your reader is qualified or good at what they do. Make sure you do your research before you start entering your credit card information anywhere. You’d be smart to find someone through referral if you’re going to use an online tarot service. Do some digging online first before you go accepting advice from just anyone. The truth is, you know very little about a person through the internet, so be careful.

Free Tarot Card Readings Are Done by a Computer

While there are many gifted, trained and loving tarot readers, we can’t always afford to pay for a reading. Also, why solely rely on another person when you can start to develop your own intuition?

There Are 2 Types of Computer Generated Card Readings:

If you feel like you have pretty strong intuition, you may be able to get a quick and somewhat helpful reading from a semi-automated computer generated card reading. It wouldn’t be in-depth, but it might clue you into enough of your own intuition to gain some clarity. Let’s look at the 2 different types of computer-generated card readings.

Täielikult automatiseeritud

The fully automated reading will shuffle, select, and interpret the cards for you. These are software programs that can only tell you the basic meanings of the cards at face value. These readings can be used as learning resources to get to know the meanings of the cards, but are good for very little else. Computer programs cannot interpret your personal emotions or know which of the card’s meanings applies to your specific situation because they do not have the ability to pick up on your energy.


If you’re able to decide which spread to use on your own, such as a yes-no spread or a Celtic cross spread, this would be considered a semi-automated reading. While it still may not give the same elaborate details as getting a reading from a person, there are more of the traditional ritualistic elements that clue you into that intuitive space, such as shuffling and sometimes choosing cards.

Try not to focus too much on the minute details of card choosing and shuffling and instead focus on opening yourself up to your impulses and truths that arise when you focus on a question and look at a card. I often find my own interpretations of the cards based on a client’s energy. Even when I use cards for myself, I use them to draw my own conclusions, springboarding off of what I know about the card and what feels true in my heart. This is about energy, emotions, and vision, not black and white facts.

Paid Tarot Card Readings Are Done By a Real Person

Most paid tarot card readings are done by a person, but you always want to make sure you can ask them questions and that you can look at their experience and ratings. Just because they are a paid tarot card reader doesn’t mean they give good advice. Sometimes a person will give you a reading and then bug you for a days or weeks after, asking for more money because they have more teadmisi to give you. Do not fall for this type of trickery.

A real, caring tarot reader will not try to get you to spend money by motivating you with fear. They will do their best to pick up on your energy and empower you to make the best possible decisions for yourself.

Computers Can’t Do the Most Important Part: Interpret the Cards

We’ve established that a computer is not able to truly interpret the cards for you. Thus, if you’re going to use an online deck, you’ll want to be able to read the meanings of the cards and draw your own conclusions. Never make a decision that is life-changing based on a yes-no reading when you’re not able to use your intuition.

Reading Tarot Cards Involves Energy, Something a Computer Can’t Feel

There can be value in choosing your own cards as long as it’s making use of a good software and you feel you trust the developers. There are definitely websites and apps that have put a lot of authentic time and energy into creating electronic tarot decks that you can always have with you so you can learn the cards and pull a spread to tap into your intuition whenever you need to.

You’ll Need to Learn How to Interpret the Cards

The more time you spend you spend reading tarot spreads, memorizing the meanings of the cards, getting familiar with the major and minor arcana and the numbers and symbols, the easier it will be for you to glean the most accurate information from the tarot. Practice for at least a month and you’ll hear the cards start to speak to you.

3 Reasons Free Tarot Readings May Be Flawed:

If you’re not interpreting the cards for yourself, understand that a computer will not be able to feel or understand what is best for you. The computer doesn’t know you and can’t pick up on your energy. It also doesn’t have any way to tell the difference between you and another person who have completely different situations, life histories, and talents.

1. No Chance of Fate Involved, There’s a Standard Number Generator

We want to believe that we can put our fate into the hands of someone else, or even a software program created by someone else, but ultimately the most empowered way to live is to develop our own connection with our intuition through the tarot. Unlike using a deck, the software that gives you a reading will not have anything to do with your life beyond mere generalities or coincidental luck.

2. Lazy Designers Leading to a Small Number of Results

You can pick up on the energy of the people running a website or company. Look closely, and you’ll be able to discern whether their intentions are to take advantage of people and get as much money as possible, or if they genuinely want to learn and empower people with tools that will change their life. Check out reviews and testimonials that show if a website or reader has pure intentions or if they’re just trying to make a quick buck.

3. They Can Contain Forced Outcomes

Sometimes people who really want a specific outcome or answer force the answer they want into what they read. An automated reading comes with the risk of a reading so vague that people can become a bit delusional and think they are getting the reading they want. Free, automated tarot readings can also lead people down the wrong train of thought because it’s not based in real, human intuition.

Free Tarot Card Readings are Great If You’re Learning or Want a Simple Reading

Basically, using an automated or semi-automated system can be helpful to learn the meanings of the cards and to exercise using your intuition. I’ve used them for simple readings and you can get incredible results when you really use your intuition and pick a software that is made and designed to allow you to use your 6th sense.

How to Find an Accurate Free Tarot Reading

The best way to find an accurate free tarot reading is to make sure you can choose the cards, check in with your gut to see if you feel you trust the website, and then see if it resonates once you choose the cards.

If the reading offers in-depth interpretations that are loving and help you feel inspired, you can trust that it’s designed in alignment with your highest good in mind. If you feel uneasy about the service, it’s probably for a reason.

It can be very empowering to learn to give yourself readings by using free tarot card readings as a stepping stone. I grew to armastus tarot online before holding a deck of tarot cards in my hand, and I know you can too. I never thought I would be giving professional tarot card readings professionally when I first began to explore free online tarot readings.

Extra Tip: Have a Real Tarot Reader Interpret The Spread

Finally, if you’re having trouble interpreting the cards for yourself, let a trusted card reader help you. We want to make things easy for you and it’s important to realize you don’t have to do it all on your own. Let the experts help you as you develop, but do not lean on them without knowing you too can find just as strong an intuition with time, practice, and study. We have many articles to help you learn tarot because we want you to be able to do it for yourself and feel confident in helping others.

It’s great to have instant access to the incredibly gifted people all around the world, so always trust your own intuition about a person’s intentions before spending your money on a tarot reading.

If you feel called to learn the tarot and offer readings to others one day, you can start by using your spare time waiting in lines, taking public transit, or relaxing at home to use the tarot for your own life. The more you use it, the easier and clearer it becomes. The online resources just make it that much easier for you to keep learning no matter where you are.

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With the wealth of astroloogia information available on the internet, it’s easy to get confused by the terminology. In general, think of horoscopes and astrology readings as the building blocks that unlocks secrets to navigating life with less confusion and more efficiency. For thousands of years, people have studied the emotional, psychological, and physical effects of the planetary movements. They have found the same themes play out in the cycles of planets, and if you keep learning a little bit every day, you can see how these forces are at work in your life.

Astrology is not something that just happens to us as if we are out of control of our destiny. It’s quite the opposite really. Astrology helps us know when to act, what our strengths and weaknesses are, and offers teadmisi into how others think. Ultimately, over years of following the Sun, the Moon, and the planets and getting to know the zodiac signs, the horoscopes and astrology readings will give you more than you can imagine from success to fulfillment to the ability to manifest. Interested? Read on…

What Are Astrology Readings?

Astrology readings are interpretations of your personality and your life based on the placement of the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets on your day of birth. They help you to understand better your true nature and what your soul came to this Earth to learn. Often, they reveal the reasons why you’ve experienced the challenges you’ve faced in your life, allowing you to find meaning and learn important lessons to further your personal growth.

Astrology readings can also show the compatibility you have with other people, major events that are likely to happen, and when certain learning opportunities or fortune may arrive in your life. They unveil the themes of your life, highlighting your unique talents and how you see the world. It is the ultimate way to know yourself so you can take the wheel in the vehicle of your mind and pilot it to do something positive with your life. This empowerment found in astrology readings is based on the exact time, geographic location, and date of your birth.

What is a Horoscope?

A horoscope is a snapshot of where the planets will be at a specified time. Essentially, a horoscope is a more microscopic view of your life, whereas an astrology reading looks at the bigger picture. Horoscopes can be done on an annual, monthly, weekly, and daily basis by professional astrologers. They reveal the situations that are likely to occur based on the positions of the planets in relation to each other and your own Sun sign. Think of horoscopes as the gateway into the kingdom of astrology.

A horoscope reveals themes, energetic influences, and general events that are likely to happen at a given time. They allow people to begin to intuitively sense particular energia, which shift every day. When you pay attention to your own emotions, the events that tundub to occur out of nowhere, and the way other people come and go from your life in relation to your horoscope, you will see there is a greater tendency for the horoscope to be right than wrong.

What are the Differences Between an Astrology Reading and a Horoscope?

In astrology, a lot of the terms are understood in relation to other things, so getting familiar with one term at a time gives you the foundation upon which you can build to deepen your understanding.

Siin on 3 main differences between an astrology reading and a horoscope to help you understand how and when they can be useful to you.

1. Astrology Readings Offer Specific Details About Who You Are

Most of the time, a horoscope is made for an entire zodiac sign, which means it will be generally accurate for you and the other people born when the Sun was in that sign (in any year, in any place). While horoscopes can ring true, they won’t be as specific as a personalized astrology reading based on your unique birth chart. When you read what will happen for your sign in a month, a month, a week, or a day, there marginal room for error because you likely have other very potent influences in your chart that affect the expression of your Sun sign.

Transit readings in professional astrology can pinpoint more specifically what events will happen for you during a specific time frame. Transit readings also require more time and a deeper knowledge of astrology, so they often cost more, but a master Astrologer can reveal many in-depth secrets in an astrology reading like this. Your natal chart (the other name for birth chart), which can be read by a less experienced Astrologer, can still offer you valuable information and is a good place to start to get to know yourself and your unique strengths and areas for growth.

2. Horoscopes Give You General Information for Your Present Day Life

A horoscope is about your current life and is a map for you to use to manage your expectations and navigate the waters of your emotions. A horoscope takes into account the major celestial events happening in real time so you know how one day will be different than the next. It’s not about knowing exactly what is going to happen to you and when, but more about knowing the types of things you can expect to happen so you aren’t caught off guard.

It’s very empowering to follow a well-written horoscope because you’ll know when to rest versus when you’ll have the most energy, which it will help you make sense of your own changing inner landscape of thoughts. Horoscopes help us make sense of the illusion of chaos by revealing the structures that influence the constant ebbs and flows of our emotional states, like creativity, impulsivity, sensitivity, and curiosity. As we learn what each planet’s effect is through a well-written horoscope, we can start to see the larger cycles in our lives so we can ride the tides and know when to external opportunities versus when to do some internal work on ourselves.

3. Astrology Readings Reveal Your Soul’s Purpose

Astrology readings help expand your perspective of who you are beyond your day-to-day interactions and desires that most people are aware of. A horoscope helps you navigate those day-to-day things, and an astrology reading helps you make bigger decisions, like what career to choose or how to break a deeply ingrained negative behaviour that doesn’t improve your life. Because astrology readings are based on the exact position of the planets at the time and place your soul entered the world, you can see the lens through which your soul is positioned to operate from.

Each aspect of your astrology reading gives deep insight into the type of ship you’re sailing in for this lifetime. Does it go fast? Is it a tugboat, a speedboat, or a cruise ship? What is its destination, and how does it get there? You can see how you are wired to think and how those wires are different than other people’s. This reveals a map you can use to chart your course of ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction for an entire lifetime. It’s all written in the stars and highly accurate.

You can find out what you came into the world already knowing, the areas you will have to work on, and the areas that will go smoothly for you. You can find the way you fuel your rocket ship, where to direct it, and how to get it off the ground. In other words, you’ll find what sets your soul on fire so you can light up your passion and live an extraordinary life.

How to Decide the Right Time to Use Each

When you feel like you don’t have a purpose or direction, that is the time to get an astroloogia lugemine. If you notice you’re falling into patterns in your life or mind where you feel negative, out of place, or easily influenced by others, chances are it’s time to look at the bigger picture of what you came to this Earth to do. Once you hear how accurately the reading is able to depict your emotions, struggles, and tendencies, you can then also see how it guides you to use your unique talents to find a fulfilling and empowered plan.

If you start to wonder what the point of all of this is, or you start feeling like you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, an astrology reading can help you get on track towards a life of happiness and excitement. When it comes to suhted, if you find that you’ve been having repeating negative experiences, you can get an astrology reading to help uncover the deeper patterns in yourself that are allowing and attracting certain things into your life so you can get clear on what you truly want in relationships, what your emotional needs are, and how you communicate. Astrology readings can also help you see where you may be reactive, impatient, or clingy so you can overcome the tendencies you have that may be pushing people away.

Your astrology reading can help you become excited about life again so that your level of happiness increases and the types of relationships you attract are more positive. This is something most people don’t realize is crucial in happy relationships, but is often the missing link.

Once you have your big goal set, you then want to use your horoskoop to navigate the day to day situations you find yourself in so you can build positive momentum. Your horoscope will help you manage how you approach your goals on a daily basis. You will know which days you can expect to be creative, which days you’ll be productive, and which days are best to use to recharge. Horoscopes are also helpful for those days where you wake up in an unusual mental state. You can read your horoscope and find out why you’re feeling that way so you can understand it and work around it.

A horoscope helps give you more specific focus, so you’ll know which smaller actions to take to pursue your goals. They’re meant to help you know when to go and when to stop throughout each month based on the Moon and major astrological events. If you feel like you’ve been working hard with little results, it’s good to consult your horoscope to help you time the way you use your energy.

Looking for a Quick Answer or Daily Guidance? Go With a Horoscope

Have you ever found yourself at a standstill, unable to make a decision? Often that’s the perfect time to consult your horoscope because you’ll see that your current feelings are usually a reflection of the position of the planets that day.

For those of us working on keeping ourselves focused and positive, good horoscopes are usually written in a positive and tervendav perspective that can help us point our energy in a loving and empowered direction to create lasting habits that affect positive change in our life. Reading your daily horoscope for guidance can create momentum that reminds you of the power of your intention, the interconnectedness of all things, and your true identity as a soul with a purpose.

Need Guidance During a Major Life Event? Get an Astrology Reading

When we don’t know where to turn for advice, an astrology reading is often the answer. The most sophisticated Astrologers can track transits which calculate where the planets were at the time and place of our birth in relation to where they are currently. This can offer you insights on what energy is available to you currently and how best to use it.

For example, Jupiter’s position governs luck and money flow and Mars rules our passion and energy levels. An Astrologer will be able to tell you when to expect money and when you will have the most energy to make moves towards your goals. On a deeper level, an Astrologer can help you by looking at the planets your houses to see what areas of your life are in focus for you to help you navigate through certain times in your life.

Astrology readings can help us navigate choosing our life partner, healing from a loss, rebuilding ourselves from the ground up, and building confidence by learning from challenges. If you feel overwhelmed with emotions from a major life event, make things easier on yourself and consult the stars with an astrology reading to help make sense of it all. There are times when a lot of major changes occur because of celestial events and finding out why can help you grow with those changes instead of being blindsided by them.


In general, a horoscope helps us see more into the ‘when’ and an astrology reading helps us see more into the ‘who’ that we are. Both are important because we need to know the tools we were given to build our lives with and we also need to know when to plug those power tools in or when to recharge their batteries. Consulting astrology can be the difference between a life that feels helpless and a life full of hope.

Be patient with yourself as you get to know astrology. You’ll see that each day you put aside time for it, you’ll learn more and find more helpful layers of insight unfold for you. It’s a lifelong study that is always there to guide you each day and help make sense of this world and your place in it. Both horoscopes and astrology readings are valuable to us and work in tandem to help us reach our highest potential.

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Are you wondering if it’s worth your time to get free online tarot readings? Well, let us explain to you how it works so that you can see the many ways tarot can actually help improve your life! Tarot is a tool that helps tap into the creative side of the brain which allows access to our intuition and helps us to perceive how our own emotions and thoughts affect our reality.

Many people disregard emotions as just annoyances that get in the way of completing tasks or accomplishing goals. However, our emotions and the thought patterns that guide them are actually generating energy at all times. When you use an online tarot reading to help you reflect on the direction of your emotional energy, you can conjure energy that will attract what you want and repel what you don’t. Now we’re cooking!

Don’t quite understand how it works yet? Don’t worry. Understanding how a free online tarot reading works is more about using it than understanding how our thoughts and energy activate the law of attraction. They say energy flows where attention goes, so it can help us see where we are focusing and how that is either attracting negative or positive results. This tool is your way to start using your magic.

What to Expect in a Free Online Tarot Reading

It’s important to know what to expect from an online tarot reading and how it will be different from a person offering you a reading. Both can be helpful as they offer you different levels of insight. An online tarot reading will help you first understand the types of questions that are good to ask the tarot. They often have to do with how we approach armastus, what our life purpose is, and what the best course of action is. It’s not that the tarot tells us what is going to happen, rather it clues us into understanding how our own energy and perspectives are creating a projection of the tulevik. It helps us see how we can create the best possible outcomes without manipulating anyone.

Those who are able to see how energy affects their lives have the ability to see through the matrix where it seems we have no ability to affect the outcome of situations in our life. The tarot essentially helps us take responsibility for our intention, our thoughts, and our creative power. The cards you get familiar with through an online tarot reading allow you to speak the language of energy so you can see your own with more clarity.

By tapping into your intuition through the tarot, you get a bird’s eye view on how you are creating your life, how you can shift it, and how to see areas you may be focused on that are not in alignment with what is really going to bring you happiness. The archetypes and symbols of the tarot will open your third eye to understand beyond the standard way of seeing things so you can perceive what your higher spiritual tarkus has to show you. When you read the cards, they will start to speak to your intuitive side and activate and each time you use them it will get stronger.

If you need to familiarize yourself with the tarot, start with these Tarot Card Meanings Made Simple: Each Major Arcana Card Explained.


The process of getting a free online tarot reading is actually really fun and simple. You will usually get a spread which shows you the cards and then allows you to read their meanings. As you read the spread, it will bring ideas about your life and how you’ve been approaching things to your mind naturally. This process is subjective in your interpretation, but it’s still very valuable because your heart, which is the strongest energy center in your body, will start to communicate with you.

Your heart center has a tremendous amount of energy that can attract jobs, love, and friends to you. When your heart is wounded or closed off, it will attract similar energia and therefore negative situations. The tarot can help you see inside of yourself to help you see what ways of thinking are blocking your creative energy. This internal process occurs when you read the cards and just allow your stream of consciousness to follow. Certain deep truths will arise in you as you ask questions about your life and read the spreads.

Live vs. Online Tarot Reading: What’s the Difference?

The difference between a live and online tarot reading is that in a live tarot reading, you have someone shuffling the cards and interpreting the spreads for you. They will use their own intuition to offer what feels like the most relevant interpretation of the cards based on the energy they pick up in you. However, they can also only perceive your energy through themselves, which means that their level of understanding will only be as deep as they have gone within themselves. That means that you are receiving the information through their lens of experience. The risk with a live reading is that they will offer advice based the energy they perceive from you. If they offer fear-based advice and you take it seriously, it could alter your ability to perceive possibilities.

The Pros of a Free Online Tarot Reading

An online tarot reading offers you direct access to your own intuition. If you’re not used to exercising the muscle of your intuition, it can take time. It’s good to practice using an online tarot reading when you feel uncertain or when you’re trying to see a way to accomplish something. Each time you’re able to use the information of the spread to positiivselt alter your life, you’ll see how the tarot helps you get your own answers. While it may take a little more time than having someone tell you what to do, everyone has the ability to develop their intuition and connection to their spiritual self.

In a practical sense, free online tarot readings have many benefits you may not yet have considered. Besides being free, you can do a free online tarot reading at any time, even in the middle of the night. There’s also the protection of your information, which means that you do not have to share sensitive personal information with someone. You also don’t need to worry about someone scaring you into spending a lot of money as some non-ethical psychics have been known to do.

Most Online Tarot Readings are Free

Seriously though, how cool is it that you get to learn the tools of magic without even paying? People who create the online tarot readings are passionate about making it useful and empowering for you to use their software. Tarot enthusiasts know that learning the tarot for yourself means you get to take the steering wheel of your life back into your own hands in the areas that are most important such as love, career, health and spiritual growth.

If you are seeking to change your life, online tarot readings are there for you regardless of your budget, your schedule or where you live. The ancient secrets of magic do not have to come at a high cost, they can be free as long as you take time to understand them and don’t expect instant results.


As we mentioned, there are many reasons why you may not want a live tarot reader and one of them is that often our deep questions are about finances, potential job changes, love interests or other information we wouldn’t want to be shared. Once we have shared our secrets with someone, there’s no guarantee that information is safe. Depending on your level of comfort with internet privacy, it’s often ideal for you to be able to read and interpret the spread on your own.

Get a Free Tarot Reading Whenever You Want – No Appointment Necessary

It’s not as if our questions only come to us in the daytime when a tarot reader is in the office taking appointments. Often we decide whether to take a job, leave a suhe, or ask someone out in the middle of the night when we have some peace and quiet. That means we can use an online tarot reading to help us right then while we are searching for guidance, at the moment when our intuition is strongest. When travelling, we may not have access to a reliable reader. When it matters the most, an online tarot reading is there to help you tap into spiritual truth. Instead of relying on someone else to be available, you can go within through the guidance of an online reading – even if it’s 3 am.

You Can Do an Online Tarot Reading Anywhere

Think about how many times you’ve been at work, on a date, or at a pere gathering and struggling to feel at ease or know what to do. These are the times when we need to be able to connect to our spiritual truth and go within to find our answers. Using an online tarot reading on your phone or laptop allows you to use this helpful magical tool when life won’t slow down. Your spiritual self is always there to give you guidance, and for those who are still working on developing a strong uninterrupted connection to that frequency of our consciousness, the tarot acts as a bridge to help us communicate with our spirit.

Tarot is designed to help us see through the matrix and gain wisdom, so when you are around people who are negative, you can use an online tarot reading to remember you can always be happy when you connect to your spiritual truth. Most places we go nowadays have internet, and most of us have access to the internet directly on our phone. That means the internet can help you stay empowered and remember that your intention, perspective, and thoughts are ultimately what create your experience in life.

The Cons of a Free Online Tarot Reading

One drawback to an online tarot reading is that you may miss out on the spiritual gifts that you can access when you have a live reader. Someone who is truly trained and spiritually gifted can offer you deep teadmisi by using tarot that could possibly be hard to see for yourself. Sometimes when we are making a decision or trying to break a pattern in our life, we can’t see what is blocking us. Sometimes it takes an external, more objective source to help us see our own patterns in order to heal our wounds. That is why it’s great to use both a trusted live reader if you feel really blocked, as well as an online tarot reading for the times you feel you are able to gain insight on your own.

Online Tarot Readings are Computer Generated

You may have been wondering if a computer generating tarot reading is really able to help you. When you start to see that tarot is designed to link you to your own intuition, it becomes clear that even if a computer is showing you cards, the ultimate goal of linking to your own personal spiritual truth can still be attained. While you may not get as clear specificity as a trained reader can offer, you can over time develop your own connection to your intuition which is ultimately way more empowering because you can get your answers on your own.

Little User Interaction

Depending on the software, you can influence your online tarot readings in different ways. Sometimes you can choose when to stop the shuffling and sometimes you can choose the cards – sometimes you can’t. Don’t get too hung up on how much control you have over these little details because inevitably, using the deck will still get you to the same place. Your ultimate goal is for the cards to unlock the code of your higher knowledge, which is already there! Even if you think it’s the cards that are giving you the answers, think of them as the area code that allows you to dial to the region in your consciousness that will give you the answers.

On the surface, it may seem that a robot is giving you a reading. But in fact, you are giving yourself a reading because you are calling upon your own higher wisdom through this tool. Many healers use different tools to access intuition, and if you find these online readings helpful, then they are. You do not rely on them, they are merely an access point that allows you to see what is already there. It’s not a robot guiding you, it’s you finding the interpretation of the cards that resonates deepest for you. Even if it were a live reader, you’d be intuitively taking the advice that resonates and forgetting the rest.

4 Questions to Ask During a Free Online Tarot Reading

The questions that we ask the tarot should not be about what will happen, what someone else feels or how to control someone. We do not ever mess with free will because it generates negative karma. The right type of questions to ask are the ones that empower you by helping you see how to create the best possible outcomes by using your creative energy, passion, and positivity.

1. Open-Ended Questions

Instead of trying to pull exact answers that we think we need, the tarot is better at helping us see new ways of looking at a situation so we aren’t limiting ourselves to black and white thinking. You can ask questions like, how can I improve my relationship, how can I change my behaviour to attract healthy suhtedvõi how can I remove any blocks to a career I love? The questions should be about how you can improve and not about what will or won’t happen because the future is not written in stone.

For more examples, here are 9 Sure-Fire Questions to Ask Yourself Before Doing a Love Tarot Reading.

2. Closed-Ended Questions

Although closed-ended, yes-or-no questions are not generally as useful as open-ended questions in free online tarot readings. That said, sometimes it’s helpful to ask if someone or something is in your best interest, whether it’s a course of action, a goal you have, or someone you’re considering having a relationship with. The cards that come up will guide you to see further into the energy linked to these decisions. You can do a spread for what each decision represents for you and notice how each spread makes you feel. These types of spreads are good if you are trying to get a clear direction or seeking yes/no answers.

3. Follow-Up Questions

Often when you ask an open-ended question, the answer will guide you to see something within yourself that is blocking you from achieving what you want. You can then ask follow-up questions, such as how can I remove this block? You can also ask for clarity on a specific card that came up. For example, if a card came up that suggested a distraction in your life, you can do a spread to help you understand how to eliminate that distraction. If it showed you needed some tervendav, you could do a spread to help you see more into how to heal the energy you’re holding onto. If your reading suggested that it’s time for a career change, you could ask an open-ended question about where to re-focus your energy.

4. Keep All Questions Focused On You

Instead of thinking happiness will be found in landing the right job or dating the right person, we need to let the tarot guide us to be the type of person that is happy from within. That means we ask the tarot how to stop living externally and start living internally. This empowering, transformative process allows spiritual maturity because we let the tarot guide us to take responsibility for our intentions, words, and actions. We can they allow the tarot to show us how to align to our soul’s purpose, which will inevitably bring us the most happiness. The tarot doesn’t show us what we want to see – it shows us what we need to see. Our environment teaches us to look outside of ourselves for happiness while the tarot helps us find it within by shifting our perspective and holding us accountable for taking control over our own lives.

How Accurate is a Free Online Tarot Reading?

Ultimately, the depth of your reading is the depth of your own self-reflection. If you are willing to see your own areas of improvement, you’ll get a lot more out of it. If you are just wanting good things to happen without really releasing negative viewpoints, the tarot will do you little good. Tarot is not about giving you happiness by revealing Mr.Wonderful, it’s about helping you see that you need to be the person you want to attract and revealing your own shadows to you so you can shine brighter through your own rebirth.

For more on this, check out this article: Is a Free Online Tarot Reading Accurate?

The accuracy of the software may only differ from the accuracy of a live reading in that the person receiving the information isn’t used to being in an intuitive space. If at first you feel like you’re only getting a glimpse of information from your free online tarot reading, it’s probably because you need more practice. Each card has a wealth of wisdom and symbols that can speak to your soul. The more you sit and listen to your soul’s wisdom when you read the cards, the more helpful information you’ll access. The truth is a feeling, not something your mind finds but something your heart senses. When your body feels at ease, it is the truth.

How Do I Prepare Myself for a Free Online Tarot Reading?

Ask that your intention in the reading be as pure as possible. Ask that your ego step aside while you do the reading as well. Prepare yourself to enter this rituaal with humility and openness so that you can learn something about yourself. Allow yourself to trust that your intuition is there and that you will always find helpful guidance from the tarot. Never use the tarot to test its magic but put yourself into an awareness that you have a soul that has guidance for you if your intention is to access it. Remember that your soul wants to help you evolve spiritually and it wants to help you remove negative thoughts from your life.

Before you sit down to do the free online tarot readings. Write down the open-ended questions or specific directions you would like insight on. The more specific you can be about your questions the better. Meaning that you want to know about how to strengthen your confidence to attract love instead of just asking about love. Or prepare a specific question about your career such as how can I align to my purpose for ultimate happiness instead of just ‘how can I make money.’ The answers our intuition will show us will be much more helpful when we ask the right questions.

Here are 8 important reasons to include a free online tarot reading in your morning routine.

Mõtte lõpuleviimine ...

Some people think of tarot as something to be feared, but that is not the case. Remember the future is not written in stone – you do have control in many ways over your life. The more positive and loving energy you can generate with the guidance of the tarot, the better your life will be and the more positive things you will attract. The tool of the tarot is only valuable to us if we have good intentions when we use it. Always come back to the question of what your own intention is. Is it coming from fear or love?

Use a free online tarot reading to get to know the tarot by doing a quick spread like this one every morning. Over the course of a month, you’ll know the tarot well just by doing this simple ritual. Once you know the tarot and you see how helpful it is, you’ll be able to get a deck of cards like this and help your friends. Ultimately, we all want a deep sense of connection to those around us, and the tarot can provide the map to those connections.

Check out Your Astroloogia Answers Free Online Tarot Reading here!

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Since the soul is energetic and vast, we need a roadmap and the free daily career horoscope can help you just like a daily tarot lugemine. Astroloogia is a highly accurate and time-tested map of your consciousness. It’s not that every person with the same zodiac sign will get hired or lose their job on the same day, but a good astrologer will be able to guide you into the realms of your subconscious so you can break through to your greatest potential.

The mind is greatly affected by the positions of the stars and that old saying about when the stars align is actually quite accurate. We know that most people make big decisions on or around the Full Moon for instance so you can predict that you would get a job offer or at least a reply during that window each month.< div=”“><>

If you are discontent with your job, it may be because you aren’t in alignment with your natural gifts that you were born with. The good news is you can start to discover those talents with a free astrology prediction specifically for career advice.

Astrology predictions can help because they allow you see there are predictable patterns that your mind follows and when you work with them and see the cycles you are a part of you can begin to work your magic in your career. Additionally, it can clue you into great times to move forward and when it’s best to wait on decision making.

Getting to know your own strengths and weaknesses also helps you see how to get along better with others and find positions that are well suited for your personality. It’s not a sentence either, it can help you decide what areas you want to strengthen that don’t necessarily come naturally to you. In fact, if you only did what came natural, you wouldn’t be fulfilling your soul’s purpose anyway.

Most people look for literal answers in their free astrology prediction for career advice, but what they really offer are windows into the vast world of astrology that can help you see who you are and how to let your soul accomplish what it came to do. The timing of major astrology events can help you know which months to plan and which to take action so you work efficiently and know what type of energy is available to you with your unique soul blueprint.

Have You Asked Yourself If You Have the Right Job?

If you are reading your daily career advice and it feels like you aren’t doing what it’s talking about when it comes to your potential, does it feel like you may be in the wrong place? When you read something and it feels right but there’s a sense that you need to do something in order to get there, that means your heart is calling you.

Free Astrology Predictions Can Help Guide Important Career Choices

There is a lot to track in the movement of the planets, they are all constantly moving so each day there are new things to be aware of. Someone with a full-time job would find it hard to follow the major celestial events and get anything done. Astrologers can do it for you and let you know the most important things that you need to be aware of.

There are days when you may feel tired, days where you may be impulsive, and days where communication is easy! Your free astrology prediction is like getting the quarterback’s play before the hike so you know what direction people will be running. Your astrology predictions can help you predict your moods on a daily basis. The more you keep track of your horoscope, the more themes you’ll start to observe on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even a yearly basis.

What Are Astrology Predictions?

Astrology predictions are based on an ephemeris, which is a software that is able to calculate the exact location of planets and constellations at any moment to the exact degree. With the combination of these measurements and an Astrologer’s in-depth knowledge of the energy of each zodiac sign and planet, they can see the full scope of the day’s cosmic dance and how it will affect us in surprisingly accurate ways. These planets create energy fields as they move – certain placements of the planets cause those energia to interact, resulting in predictable emotional responses on our psyches.

It’s complex, yet someone that studies it can accurately predict many things. They spend years learning the layers of these cycles just as a student has spent years learning the alphabet, combining letters to make sounds we call words and even combining words to produce stories, reports and policies that change the world. It’s an expanded school when we look to the stars and these predictions have been helping people since the beginning of recorded history.

3 Ways Astrology Predictions Can Help Your Career

As humans, we are naturally logical minded creatures and we want to see the benefit of doing something or we usually don’t have an interest in it. It’s a natural survival instinct. When you’re just starting out in astrology you may think it can only help a little bit because you don’t yet see the day by day advice it can offer you for all areas of your life. Here are some specific ways it can start making your daily life easier, just to show you the tip of the iceberg.


Horoscopes can help you apply the knowledge that you get from your birth chart in real time. What that means is that your birth chart reveals the special talents you have in your chest of treasures (meaning certain careers that will work well for you) and your horoscope helps you know when and how best to use those talents. If you’re armed with the knowledge that because you’re an Aries, you’re driven, hardworking, and organized, you might realize you could be a great event planner, even if that may not be a job you considered before.

Each Zodiac sign has specific careers that come easily to them. This can give you the first clue into your natural talents. For example, Aries are not just great event planners, they are also great publishers, PR reps, and athletes. Taureans make great chefs, designers, and administrators while Cancers make great nurses, healers, and teachers. Geminis are excellent with children and often work in travel or tourism industries. Aquarians armastus philanthropy and humanitarian endeavours. Virgos are good with money and large, complex systems, while Capricorns are financially-minded and are likely to run a company.

Pisceans, the artistic sign, make great musicians or writers, and Scorpios are known to become investigators or professors. A Sagittarius needs a lot of variety and armastab jobs that require travel or spiritual subjects. The Leos are our performers and natural leaders; the Librans are interested in law and human rights.

You can learn more about which careers are well suited for you based on your birth in this article, How To Line Up Your Career Using Your Second and 10th maja, which takes you into the next layers of your unique astrological blueprint, beyond what your Sun sign reveals.

Daily Career Horoscopes

Your daily career horoscopes will give you a play-by-play of major themes to be aware of based on any major astrological happenings such as squares, trines, retrogrades and other more complex planetary aspects. If you sat down to see all the major influences on that day, it would drive you nuts because there are always many. Why not just let a professional summarize for you so that it’s simple and practical?

You’ll find that certain astrologers, because of their passion and dedication, really do summarize the planetary movements with skill. It’s something that requires extensive training and sure not all astrologers are great at it. When you find a horoscope that time after time is spot on, you’ll know you’ve found a great astrologer who is writing them. These are not written by a computer but by a human who has been trained in a very complex subject that is much more complicated than you probably want to know.


What’s even more fascinating is that when you find out about the strengths of your sun sign, they will line up with the strengths of your life path number which is calculated in a different system called numerology. The idea that there are underlying patterns in the universe will quickly become evident when you read the life path number not only for yourself but for people you know well.

If you’ve been thinking about a career shift, check out this article: Changing Careers? A Numerology Calculator Can Help You Ace the Shift

But, How Exactly Can a Free Astrology Prediction Help?

Astrology predictions can help you know when to start planting seeds, when to follow up and when a job is likely to show up. It can even help you see your own tendencies that may be sabotaging your success! For me, I needed to see how as a Cancer I can by overly sensitive and had to learn how to not make emotional decisions but to wait and think things through first before reacting. Here are just 4 ways horoscopes can help you:

1. They Help You Understand Who You Are

More than anything else, astrology birth charts are your guidebook to your heart. A Pisces would probably hate to be an accountant (let me know if you find a happy Pisces accountant, seriously!) and a Virgo would probably hate to be a musician because of the unpredictability. When you know who you are, you can make more informed decisions that lead to greater fulfillment and a career that you’re a part of.

2. They Provide Insight Into Your Personality

When you are able to take responsibility for your weaknesses, you can become a much more positive person at work. You can stop blaming others for your misery and direct your thoughts in productive and positive ways that build bridges instead of burning them. Additionally, you can capitalize on the magic that you have that others lack. You are right for some roles while others are not, and vice versa. When you line up with the things that set your soul on fire, you become an unstoppable force for good in this world.

3. They Help You Discover What Skills You Need to Work On

When you really get into the layers of astrology, you will continue to be able to find areas within your own psyche that you can improve upon. This personal development can help you be more patient, a better leader, a stronger communicator and a less selfish person. You can also see your deepest fears that are likely to be the things keeping you from pursuing your greatest dreams in life. A daily horoscope is like a knock on your door that says, today is the day to let those deep-rooted fears go!

4. Discover Your Talents & Gifts

If you feel like you lack confidence in your job it’s probably because you’re not using your skills. A Leo would probably not excel as a librarian, nor would a Capricorn be a great thespian! When you unwrap the presents gifted to you at the moment of your birth then you can really get cooking and prepare a career feast! Those talents do exist for everyone no matter what someone has told you or no matter what experiences you’ve encountered. There’s always a way to improve upon your current situation using astrology.

Am I Bound to the Careers that are Best Suited for My Sign or Numerology Number?

Absolutely not. In fact, it would be best for you to look at your North and South lunar nodes to understand what your soul came into this lifetime learning so you’re aware of your comfort zone. They say it’s detrimental to your soul if you stay in your comfort zone (indicated by your South node) because your soul doesn’t evolve. If you want to do everything you can to evolve your soul in this lifetime, look to your North node.

For more information about the lunar nodes, check out this article, The Lunar Nodes: Spiritual Life Lessons.

You are not limited by the gifts you are given. Your brain constantly learns new information and you can channel your energy into what you feel you should learn to help the world and find ultimate fulfillment. Astrology is a springboard to know yourself so you can find unlimited potential and harness the power of all the signs.


The best way to get the most benefits from free astrology predictions for your career is to start reading them daily. Notice how accurate and helpful they are over time and you will begin to speak the language of the astrologers who see things from a heightened perspective that can help you find a life you love instead of the one you just exist in. If you truly aren’t content in your career or find you are just living for the weekend, watching the clock pass time and dreaming of a different life, consider that you may be reading this article for a reason.

We have a team of people ready to help you become empowered through our articles, our free readings and more in-depth readings. There is a lot of information we have given you that will help you make decisions when you don’t know who to turn to. If you’re surrounded by people who seem to make fear-based decisions and won’t help you live your dreams, consider us your friends who will help you learn to make decisions on your own that will help the world and you.

Check out the variety of articles we have to see what calls to your on your journey. There are many ways you can grow spiritually with us, whether it’s through getting to know the astrology signs, learning how the chakra system in your body works, or learning how to use a tarot deck. These are empowering tools that can help anyone, wherever you’re at in your life right now.

Check out your Daily Career Horoscope by Clicking on Your Zodiac Sign!

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Have you been wondering if a free online tarot reading could help you with career advice?

The tarot dates back to Italy in 1420 and has been used extensively for career advice by people of all different backgrounds. Many people consult a tarot reader to help them interpret their cards but with today’s technology, you don’t have to pay for a tarot reader nor do you have to be a tarot expert to get career guidance. You may be raising an eyebrow about this as I once did, but let me explain how a free online tarot reading could actually help you get square with your passion and find success. Read a brief history of the tarot here.

Every time you let someone in between you and your personal spiritual guidance, you’re adding another filter. In the case of a tarot reader, they are only able to meet you as deeply as they have met themselves, which means if they aren’t clear of their own psychic debris, it can cloud the advice they give you and the way they interpret the cards for you. You don’t want someone’s bad day to interfere with your long-term vision and that’s why there’s an argument for DIY divination.

The reason we know you can do this is because your truth is already within you, it always has been. The tarot merely helps you tap into your own intuition and spirit. You will feel when you’re tapped in because it will make you feel light and excited, safe and expansive. Just as sitting in front of a tarot card reader who is giving you fear-based advice will set off warning bells that you shouldn’t follow their advice, if your own ego is interpreting the cards, you’ll feel confused and off. When you’re tuned in, the card interpretations in your free online tarot will speak to you and the ideas will start to flow as the tarot helps you connect the dots.

Are You Frustrated With Your Job?

How do you know when it’s time to shift careers? If you find you’re dragging yourself out of bed in the morning (and it’s not because you stayed up too late), chances are, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you’re discontent with your job. If you find yourself watching the clock, wishing it were the weekend, or literally dreading being at work, you can safely assume you are not working in alignment with your soul’s purpose. As you read these words, you may even feel a gentle opening within you as if a sleeping energy is finally waking up.

When you take the first step by getting a free online tarot reading, it doesn’t mean you have to be absolutely sure you’re ready to make that change. But, if you feel an inner longing for something deeper, more meaningful, and fulfilling, you truly have nothing to lose in seeing what may open up for you in a free online tarot reading.

How Can a Free Online Tarot Reading Help Your Career?

Anyone with common sense is going to be curious about how a free online tarot reading can help their career. In fact, it can help improve your enjoyment of your current career if you are not seeking a full industry change. It can help you see how to manifest greater leadership abilities, how to grow and expand in your current position, and how to strengthen your personal power and confidence – regardless of what job you have. Tarot cuts through our fear and worry to reveal the truth that lies beyond the mind. Tarot taps us into the other side of the brain where creativity, emotional truth and spiritual connection lies.

Because so many of our daily activities often require us to use the logical side of the brain, we often are detached from the emotional side of ourselves that holds so much latent power and houses our soul connection. The language of the logical mind is deductive and follows a linear train of thought. It helps us pay bills on time, helps us drive on roads safely and helps us plan out our day. What the logic side doesn’t do for us is where the tarot steps in to lend a hand. A free online tarot reading unlocks your third eye, which can see beyond the present moment and can sense your soul’s blueprint.

Each of us came here to improve our own tarkus and evolve our soul by learning and developing in certain ways emotionally. The tarot can help us see the ways in which we can take responsibility for our own perceptions, what we allow in our lives and the excuses we make for living in less than our fullest potential. The tarot can guide us to live from our heart and not from our ego so that we can find true contentment and stop chasing empty dreams contrived by bottom-line driven marketing schemes that program us to think we need to achieve certain benchmarks socially in order to have self-acceptance.

What Goes Into Tarot Reading for Your Career That Is Different From a Normal Reading?

The only difference in a spread about armastus, health, or pere, versus a career spread is your own inner questions. The blocks we may have in our careers will be different than the blocks we have in love, but the core patterns we unlock in both topics are usually intricately tied. When we boil it down, the world and all our social encounters mirror the energy we put into it. We’ve all heard that work is like a second marriage – well, I’d argue that you can’t have a happy suhe without a career you connect to on a soul level.

The way we choose our career finds its roots in our deepest inner beliefs about the meaning of life. If we believe we are spiritual beings that are here to improve the condition of the planet, we will find satisfaction in jobs that provide a service to the greater good. If we are lost in our goals and seeking selfish ends, the tarot can help reveal the thought patterns that don’t serve us.

While the tarot isn’t going to say, ‘you should be a doctor,’ It can help you understand why you’re feeling trapped, if you aren’t speaking your truth, or if you’re ready for a new creative venture. I’ve found tarot to be the single most effective tool in following the path of the soul in my career because the symbols, colours, and archetypes tap us into our expanded consciousness.

Knowing How to Ask the Tarot the Right Questions

Knowing the types of questions to ask the tarot will help you use free online tarot readings in the most effective way. You should not ask about what the tulevik holds because that is largely changeable based on how you project your energy. What you can ask is how to best direct and redirect your own energy. It can help you see patterns that are holding you back in your career which will help you take responsibility for your decisions and attitude. You can check in with yourself about different career paths to see how your intuition feels about them. When you read the cards, the meaning you extract is very different based on the question you’ve formulated.

The more specific you are in your questions, the better. You should avoid yes/no questions and instead focus on the what’s, how’s, and why’s. If you lack focus, motivation, confidence or clarity, ask questions about how to improve on those things. We are using the tarot to cultivate emotional states which allow us to perceive the truth in higher realms of consciousness.

Here are some questions you can use to get yourself started. Hold these questions in your mind as you begin your free online tarot reading and when you read the interpretation of the cards, journal about how they relate to your question. You’ll start to see the path as you relax and stop trying to think so hard. Tarot is much more effective when we don’t try to figure out exactly how to do things, but surrender to the idea that the soul has a purpose that will be supported both by the Universe and by our own positive energy when we realize it’s in our power to guide our thoughts. When we aim to align to our soul purpose, we also allow the Universe to guide and assist us in keeping our vibration high so we can attract the resources we need.

“How Can I Advance In My Career?”

Perhaps it’s time to communicate with more love or maybe it’s time to stimulate your creativity. Maybe you’ve been doing the same thing and feel you’re stagnant. Ask what is blocking you first and journal about that. Then ask specifically what you can focus on to move forward. The law of the Universe that states energy flows where attention goes helps you advance. Sometimes the tarot will help us see that we haven’t been focused on advancing and can help us release unwanted distractions.

“What Changes Do I Need to Make?”

This is about looking in the mirror more than it is about getting away from a person you can’t stand. If we don’t take responsibility for the energy we bring to work, the intention we have when approaching our work, and the way we are treating ourselves, chances are, changing jobs will only land us in a situation with the same (or worse) problems. If you seek to take full ownership of your perceptions first, you’ll have more clarity about how to proceed.

You can also gain clarity on how you feel about your current industry, how you feel about other industries and why you may be stopping yourself. Perhaps someone has influenced you to think you’re not capable of something or perhaps you’ve given up your goals for someone else’s. See what the cards bring to mind and be prepared to be surprised because these changes can be big.

“How Can I Raise My Vibration to Attract Opportunities?”

This secret question is quite possibly the most valuable question you will ever ask. It’s also one that we will probably need to continue to ask as negativity can come back into our minds at any time if we aren’t diligent at taking responsibility for our health and directing our mind towards positive loving thoughts. This question can help you daily in your career because it puts you back in the driver’s seat and allows you to stop playing the blame game.

“How Can I Prepare Myself to Change Jobs?”

This is another great question to ask because it will cue you into if you need to be thrifty and save some money, if you need to spend some time studying to get more educated on a new topic, or if you need to spend some time resting and recuperating your energy after a stressful time. We believe that this can help you develop the confidence in yourself you need to change jobs, and it may be the first step to take before deciding which job to take. Perhaps you need to first work on your health, get rid of some bad habits, or find a deeper spiritual life before it’s time for you to make the move.

Combine Tarot Reading with Your Life Path Number for Success

Your life path number is based on your date of birth and can be found using our life path calculator. This is from the system of numeroloogia, but most people find the themes in their astroloogia and numerology align. It’s reassuring to find that two separate systems both point in the same direction because they are picking up on your soul’s blueprint. Look up the common careers of your life path number and read the strengths of your life path number. See how this corresponds to your free tarot card reading.

If you want to see just how accurate the life path number really are, check out how they depict the people you know best to a T. You’ll see that numerology is a system that is just as accurate and fun to use for life guidance as astrology. The life path number often helps people solidify what they’ve started thinking about after getting their free online tarot card reading by connecting the dots and showing you that you are uniquely different than those around you. The clarity you get from using the two in conjunction adds security that you are reaching into your soul to find true fulfillment that will last.


Are you excited to get started on changing your life? When you get your free online tarot reading, you may start to realize there is hope for you to love your career. Work is meant to be something we choose, not something that chooses us. If anyone has made you feel that you’re not good enough, implanted fear of change into your mind, or told you not to follow your heart, you can let go of these memories by focusing on what your soul reveals to you through the tarot.

Think about how much better off all of us will be as we start, one by one, to awaken to our soul’s purpose. As we all connect to something greater than ourselves, the holes in our society will fill with the love of each soul who seeks to lessen pain and suffering on this planet. As your heart opens, the planet will heal. As you start to hear the voice of your soul through tarot, astrology, numerology and your own intuition, you will find that you are indeed a spirit having a physical experience and that what you do now, does have consequences. The fear that we don’t have a purpose and that we can’t do something important goes away as we realize that what’s been in our hearts all along is revealed through these ancient tools of divination.

Now here is your call to action. If you are ready to change careers or improve on your job, chances are, you know a few people in the same boat. Once you’ve started on your journey, your excitement can awaken others. Encourage them to align their life based on what is in their heart and consider sharing what you’ve found to be helpful. Each time you help uplift someone from fear to freedom, you’re making the world a better place.

Want to Learn More About How Tarot Can Guide Your Decisions? Click Here!

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We all want to put 2018 behind us, whether it was good or bad. Even though it can be difficult sometimes, try not to say the word “bad” or any other negative adjective when you are putting a year behind you. We all need to put cycles behind us, regardless of what that cycle brought into our lives. When we use those experiences to grow, we find out how empowering they can be. That’s never easy in the moment. But if you look back on your life and the New Year’s Eves of yore, you will see how even the most negative years were opportunities and blessings in disguise.

As we wrap up one year and look ahead to the next, of course we want answers. And for that, we have the Tarot.

Today we are going to look at 3 different Tarot readings to take you into 2019 and give you answers astroloogia just doesn’t have. Let’s get to it!

Why Use Tarot for New Year’s?

We always say we have a huge toolbox of opportunities when it comes to getting answers. Astrology is just one of them.

But we don’t know the specifics. For that, we turn to the Tarot.

The Tarot is rich in symbolism and details. The Tarot can tell you even specific zodiac signs you may have conflict with today, or exactly how long it will take for something to manifest. Astrology points you that way and gives you the theme. Numeroloogia does as well. Tarot gives you the nitty-gritty. In some cases, the Tarot can even tell you the colour of the hair of the person you are interacting with today! We armastus astrology of course, but we just can’t get that with planetary themes and predictions.

So that’s why Tarot is such an effective tool to look ahead into the next year. Get your deck and your questions ready, or check out our free Daily Tarot readings.

1. The Quarterly Forecast – 3 Card Reading

Almost every segment of business works in quarters, quarterly earnings, quarterly forecasts, quarterly projections. That’s because every calendar year is neatly divided into 3 sections of 4 months long. So for this one, we take the Past/Present/Tulevik Tarot reading and simply change the themes of each of the cards. You’re going to have a Tarot reading that consists of 3 cards, with each card representing one of the quarters of your year.

Teil võib olla järgmine:

  • Card One: January, February, March, April
  • Card Two: May, June, July, August
  • Card Three: September, October, November, December

Or, you can split up your quarters into sections of the year that are most comfortable for you. Maybe your work, for example, has a quarterly section that is different than this, many do. Divide your year into the quarters that you want, in your head or even on paper.

Then shuffle, cut the deck into three piles, and pick the first card from the top of each card. When you do, ask and set the intention for Tarot to show you what each quarter will bring.

What does January to April look like? Ask the same for each quarter.

The card that is shown will show you the greatest theme for that quarter. It could be an obstacle or challenge, or a wonderful blessing. Maybe you are starting a new adventure if The Fool shows up, or an engagement or new romance if the 2 of Cups shows up. Use our Tarot definitions for help.

Then you can pull other cards from the deck, asking individual questions with each one. We call these clarifying cards. So when you are looking at Quarter One, for example, ask the Tarot for more details by pulling additional cards and placing them beside Quarter One. You may see people, places, or themes coming up. Our Tarot definitions can help you figure out the what’s what on those.

This is the general procedure you are going to use for all three of your 2019 Tarot readings.

2. The Four Seasons Forecast – 4 Card Reading

Who doesn’t want to know if they are going to have a rocking Summer? Or a new love by this time of the holidays next year? Or a health matter be resolved? We all have those questions. So this time, instead of dividing your reading into quarters, do so by seasons.

You’ll follow the exact same procedure as above. Shuffle, cut your deck, pick four cards, and then read them. After you do that, you can pull clarifying cards to get more answers.

There is no wrong way to get clarifying cards. Sometimes I spread my entire deck out in front of me like a fan and pick them “randomly” while pondering my question. Sometimes I pull them right off the top of the deck. However it happens, it was meant to be.

  • Card One: Spring
  • Card Two: Summer
  • Card Three: Fall
  • Card Four: Winter

This is the order of the seasons, with Spring being the season of new beginnings and Winter being the season of endings. So this may not be a reading that gives you an answer about NOW. That’s okay. Do a separate reading for that or keep our Daily Tarot reading app bookmarked.

But what this reading will show you is how to prepare and what joys to expect in the year ahead. What will be the theme of every season? The Tarot will tell you. Your clarifying cards will help you figure out the rest of the details.

3. The Monthly Outlook – 12 Card Reading

This is one of my favourite things to do every year. I do this for pere and friends too around New Year’s, for those I don’t buy holiday gifts for. You can too!

How many calendars do you think you’re going to get for Christmas this year? I always average about 3. And I love them all because they all say something different about what the other person that is giving them thinks of me.

Don’t you just love how each picture for every month says something different about that month as well?

Well, now you can do that with Tarot as well. You don’t have to make an actual calendar, but you can do a 12-month reading that will give you a picture of what each month of the year will look like.

Again, do the procedure exactly the same way you would any other reading. Shuffle and cut the cards however you like, or just pick 12 random cards after a nice good shuffle. As you shuffle, ask the Tarot to show you what your year ahead looks like. Then as you pick each card, say the name of the month as you pick it, out loud or in your head is just fine too.

Then lay out the 12 cards in front of you and use our Tarot Definitions to figure out what events you can expect to see each month in 2019. Again, ask clarifying questions if you need to or pull clarifying cards.

But first, take a picture of these 12 cards and take some notes. Then, file it away until the end of January. Refer to this picture and your notes at the end of every month. And you’ll see… the Tarot never lies.

So now you know how to use the Tarot to see what 2019 holds. If you have any questions, give us a shout!

Mõtte lõpuleviimine ...

And that, my friends, is how you get a snapshot of what is ahead for you in 2019. If you see some challenging cards show up in your readings, don’t freak out. I really mean it. It’s VERY easy to do that if a dark card shows up. Just remember, nobody – and I do mean nobody – has a perfect life and a perfect year. I’m not doing my job if I tell you that you’re going to have a perfect and challenge free year. That’s the kingitus of Tarot. The Tarot can point you to those and also help you find out what to do about it. When a challenging card comes up, ask a clarifier with this question: What do I need to do in order to turn this challenge into a miracle? The Tarot will tell you that too.

And there’s how you set yourself up for your best year yet.

Farewell, 2018! Don’t let the door hit you! Bring it on 2019, we can’t wait to see what you have for us!

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When it comes to creating the wealth and abundance that every karma-inspired soul deserves, we all want answers. And, especially when it comes to wealth and abundance, we want and need specifics. That’s what the Tarot on mõeldud.

The Tarot is rich in symbolism so that we can get those very specifics. When you want the 5 W’s answered – Who, What, Where, When, and Why – the Tarot has the answer. Today, we’ll look at three Tarot readings that you can do TODAY that can help you create the wealth you deserve in 2019.

How to Use Tarot Readings to Create Wealth

2019 is a year that is full of promise for abundance for anyone that is willing to put in the work. We can’t and won’t show you how to cut corners or sneak away with the answers and the big bag of money. That kind of wealth is short-lived anyway. You want wealth that lasts, that is yours, and that creates that happy and satisfied feeling.

The Tarot does that by giving you answers in the way of symbols. The answers astroloogia gives help us by pointing us to the best money or career days of the week or month and showing us where our best potential is forecasted. The Tarot can take that tool one step further, by showing you exactly how to manifest your wealth, and when it could happen.

The symbols you are looking for when you use the Tarot readings to create your own wealth are going to be super simple. Here are two basic rules of thumb to start off with.

  1. First, look for bright and shiny cards. The Tarot is rich in symbolism in this way alone. Cards that have a lot of Sun in them symbolize prosperity. Cards that have happy faces in them symbolize that sense of satisfaction you get when you feel like you are in good shape financially. There are darker cards in the Tarot, sad and angry cards, and some morose cards that don’t give this shiny happy feeling. If some of these cards appear in your Tarot readings, use clarifying cards to ask questions like: “What can I do to change this?” Look for bright and shiny cards to give you a nice idea of your wealth outlook at first glance before you even begin to interpret the cards and the reading.
  2. Look for pentacles! This is the ultimate symbol of wealth and money in the Tarot. Pentacles, also known as discs or coins in some decks, also represent work. If you see a lot of pentacles in a money reading, that’s a good thing! This is the case even if you are not getting the best pentacle card. Pentacles are the money cards and will show you the money, literally, in your Tarot reading.

Now that you know what money symbols to look for, you are ready to start your own readings. We are going to look at 3 methods, the 1-card draw, the Past/Present/Tulevik draw, and then a more complete picture of things with 2019’s month-by-month draw. Grab your cards, give them a nice sage cleansing rituaal to rid them of any negative energy or previous questions or readings, and let’s get started.

For every reading, cleanse your cards, shuffle them while thinking of your question, then pick the number of cards required. Repeat the ritual for every reading as every new question “resets” your deck with clarity and purpose. Once you get the hang of it, it only takes a few minutes to re-teach your Tarot cards what they need to do for you. It’s kind of like rebooting your computer every day. So let’s hit it!

Show Me the Money Now! 1-Card Draw

The 1-Card Draw is a wonderful way to just get a quick answer for that day. Or maybe you just have a super generic money question like, “Will I become wealthy this year?” Or maybe your question is for the day, “Will I get this loan/promotion/job etc.?”

Go through your initiating ritual of cleansing your cards and shuffling while thinking of this ONE question. Then draw your one card however you like.

If it’s a bright card, the answer is yes. If it’s a darker card, the answer is no.

But remember, the cards don’t determine Fate or free will, and those variables can change those answers anytime.

You may want to do another one card draw, or, pull another card as a clarifying card. You’ll ask consecutive questions like, “What do I need to do to ensure this YES stays a YES?” Or, “What do I need to do to ensure this NO turns around in my direction?”

Not only will your first card give you a yes or no answer, but it also points you to themes.

Maybe you get a “maybe” type answer like the 8 of Pentacles. The message here is, YES, but after some hard work is applied to the situation. Once you get your original YES or NO answer, look at the interpretations of the cards in our Tarot Definitions to find out what that theme is that you need to apply to create more wealth.

Now let’s look at a more in-depth wealth reading.

Show Me the Money Now & Later! 3-Card Past/Present/Future Tarot Spread

This simple 3-card reading is much like free Career Reading. This shows you the three influences that are impacting your wealth situation right now. These are all themes that give you powerful information that you can use as a tool to move forward in your current financial situation.

Shuffle while thinking of your money life or financial plan as it stands now. Ask the Tarot what your future outlook is given your current financial plan as it is now.

The first card you draw is the Past, and no matter what it looks like, know this influence is in the past. This is also telling you what past matter is influencing your current situation. Maybe there’s a vacation card here like the 8 of Wands that is influencing your credit line for example. That’s how you want to read Past influence cards. Whatever theme crops up here is the theme that is impacting your current situation, and, possibly, your future as well. Just remember about that free will and you can ask the Tarot ANY time what to do to change things as they stand now.

The present card will be the second card you draw. This is where things stand now, and in all likelihood, you already know this answer. The card that shows up here will be of no surprise to you. Unless something is in the immediate works and you just don’t know it yet. You may find out in a week or two if this answer is a surprise. But it usually isn’t.

The third card you draw is your future card. This is what the Tarot is telling you is your future outlook on your money situation… as things stand now.

Don’t like what you see? Time to ask the Tarot two more questions:

  • What ACTION should I take to improve this situation?
  • What ACTION should I AVOID if I want to stay in this hole?

The Tarot doesn’t lie. Expect some blunt answers. But, expect answers astrology can’t give you… today. Write these things down and then get to work on that action plan.

Show Me the Money Forever! 14-Card 2019 Outlook Spread

Give yourself some time for this one. This is a detailed reading that is going to give you FOURTEEN detailed answers. It will tell you all of the above we just discussed, and more.

In this exciting reading, you are going to find out exactly WHEN your money situation will improve this year!

So grab that candle, and a glass of nice hot tea, and settle in with our Tarot Card Definitions to find out your ultimate wealth plan for 2019.

Note to Self: You can do this as many times during 2019 as you want! Remember that free will and Fate can influence a lot of things. Take a picture with your camera of this first reading, and then come back to it every time you complete a calendar month so that you can see how accurate the Tarot really is.

It still amazes me every time. The Tarot doesn’t lie, friends. That’s why it’s so useful in helping you create the wealth you so deserve.

(Whispering: Nobody needs to know but you what you need to do, sweetie!)

So let’s get a crack-a-lacking!

Settle in, cleanse the cards, and shuffle slowly however you like, while asking the question: Tarot, what is my monthly outlook for money in 2019? Show me what I need to do to improve it.

You are then going to choose 14 cards from the deck. Fan them and choose them, cut the deck a bunch of times and choose them. Do this however you like.

Make sure you remember what order you pull them in. I like to lay the cards, or spread the cards, as I pick them so I don’t forget.

  • Card 1 = January
  • Kaart 2 = February
  • Card 3 = March

And so on for the rest of the calendar year.

Cards 13 and 14 are going to be your action cards:

  • Card 13 = What do I need to do to create wealth in 2019?
  • Card 14 = What do I need to AVOID to create wealth in 2019?

In these last two cards, the Tarot is going to tell you some specifics here. It may tell you to get a job in Card 13. It may tell you to avoid travel in Card 14. You may be told to avoid moving or relocating in Card 14. Or, you may be told to move, relocate or travel more in Card 13.

If this is your first time or you’re new to the Tarot, don’t sweat it if you are confused. That is what we are here for, and what our Tarot Card Definitions are here for. Just ask!

Just ask us, and just ask the Tarot, you CAN be as specific as you want and need to be. The Tarot won’t lie. And, if you don’t like the cards you see, ask the Tarot what you need to do to get out of that situation. You’ll be happy with the result!

Mõtte lõpuleviimine ...

To create wealth, you need a little help. That could be in the way of support channels, financing, investors, or just plain know-how. Sometimes you need all of the above. The Universe is a Universe of abundance. That means there is never too little of anything. There is enough abundance to go around… for everyone. You want a piece of yours? Make sure you are using our Daily Tarot Reading to help you find that way. Bookmark those Daily Horoscopes too! Then, conduct your own Tarot readings through 2019 to reassess and move forward on your wealthy and abundant life path that Universe wants you to grasp… today. How do you want to create wealth in 2019?

Which Tarot Card Matches Your Personality? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

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As we head into the armastus month of February, we need to know what’s the what’s what on love, no matter our suhe status. Even if we are in bliss, we wonder. We worry. We hope. And there’s always a tool for allllll of that cray-cray we all get when it comes to love. Just stop, friends and breeeeathe. It’s okay to be nuts about the most important relationship in your life! It’s also okay to be a little nuts about a romantic relationship when you don’t have one, are working out of one, working into one, looking for one, or Oi Vei, there is always a problem somewhere. Even in the best of times. Give yourself a pat on the back for being human and accepting that you want better, no matter what. I call that wealth in love, and the Universe has an infinite supply of it. It’s out there for ya, honey!

Let’s talk about another way to lock that in. First, keep checking your Daily Horoscope and Weekly Horoscope to learn when your best love days are. Keep checking your Daily Tarot reading for symbolic guidance and concrete answers. And today we are going to look at another tool – Rune Stones for lovin’. Let’s have a look.

Rune Stones for Love Readings

Runes go back to ancient times, and by ancient times we can conceptualize to… vana. Basically. Hundreds of centuries ago we had Runes.

The first runes looked like the hieroglyphics you see in ancient Egypt and Rome. Today’s look very similar but have strength in symbolism much like the Tarot, but in a broader more “Big Picture” way. If you want to know the depths of your partner’s soul, or who they even are, Runes are really great for a big picture answer here.

The first or most popular set of Runes is a set of 25 Runes called Elder Futhark. Those are the ones that are most common in Sweden, and everywhere. They are a set of stones with symbols on them.

But Rune sets vary from country to country, and even from distributor to distributor today. But most sets today used for readings in the New Age world are very similar.

You use them much like you use Tarot. Meditate or think on your question, then pull one of the Runes. Then, use your Runes guide to learn what that means for you as an answer to your question.

There! You just conducted your first Runes love reading!

Here’s another powerful Runes reading for love that will give you more in-depth answers about you and whoever Universe has planned for you.

Runes Lovers Reading – The Cup

This is a great and in-depth Runes reading for lovers, whether you are single or attached. You are going to first meditate on your relationship, or your desired relationship. Then, you are going to pull 9 Runes from your little pouch.

Once you do, you want to shape them like a Cup. Think of the Cups in Tarot, which symbolize emotions and love.

The first three Runes will form the stem of the Cup, with Rune number 1 being the bottom of the stem. The next 2 Runes will form the base of the Cup, and be located at the top of the stem.

Then, on either side of that, you are going to have the shape of the cup. You’ll have 2 Runes on one side and 2 Runes on the other. Each side represents one partner in the union.

At the end, once you have laid your Runes spread, it might look like a Y.

Let’s have a look at what these Runes mean.

  • Rune 1 – The current state of the relationship.
  • Rune 2 – Your partner’s current position.
  • Rune 3 – The nature of the issue at the heart of the problem or relationship.

Here is the base of your cup, you will have 2 Runes side by side.

  • Rune 4 – Your desires.
  • Rune 5 – Your partner’s desires.
  • Rune 6 – Your challenge.
  • Rune 7 – Your partner’s challenge.
  • Rune 8 - Sinu oma tulevik tulemus.
  • Rune 9 – Your partner’s future outcome.

What do these things mean? They mean in-depth answers for your relationship (or future relationship).

1. Rune 1 – The current state of the relationship.

This Rune is simply telling you what’s going on now, and what is the most important thing in the relationship. If there are problems, you’ll see it here. If this is a good place to be in love, you may not know it yet and will get that answer now.

2. Rune 2 – Your partner’s current position.

Wondering where your partner’s head is at? This Rune will tell you all that you need to know, without having to ask. You may see a perspective here that lets you know what is going on that you’ve been wondering about. You’ll get more clarity on what they are thinking now about the relationship specifically.

3. Rune 3 – The nature of the issue at the heart of the problem or relationship.

Here you are going to find out the exact problem that led you to the Runes reading to begin with. If there is something deeper that is a problem, Runes are going to point you to this. Sometimes there is nothing wrong, and only joy to work with. And sometimes we don’t know that! Whatever the case may be, this Runes gives you a lot of insight about what is the heart of the matter in the hearts that matter.

4. Rune 4 – Your desires.

What do you want out of this relationship? This is pretty straightforward. What you are looking for and feeling right now is what you will see right here.

5. Rune 5 – Your partner’s desires.

Wondering what your buddy is looking for? Or what they want from this relationship? Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes even soul mate love can be overwhelming. You’ll get a birds-eye view into their heart right here.

6. Rune 6 – Your challenge.

This Rune specifically applies to you and is telling you a message about what is standing in your way of getting your desires. What is crossing the issue? What do you need to deal with before you receive the outcome you are looking for?

7. Rune 7 – Your partner’s challenge.

Just like the previous Rune, this Rune tells you what your partner’s biggest challenge may be. What is standing in the way of them receiving their heart’s desires with you? It could be anything. Be open to the perspective here.

8. Rune 8 – Your future outcome.

Be prepared to see that your outcome may not be the same as your partner’s. But even those that will be together forever will have two different stones here, so don’t be dismayed if your outcome is even a pinch different than theirs. With things as they are, this is the best possible outcome for you at the time of this reading. This is always subject to change. Maybe you work through your challenge and this challenge disappears. Maybe they work through theirs and that challenge disappears. Free will and changes of Fate can always interfere with this outcome, so accept this answer and work to keep it how you like, or, change it to your best path.

9. Rune 9 – Your partner’s future outcome.

This is the Runes telling you what your best possible outcome is here with your partner. This may match their desires, and hopefully it does. But if not, look back to the challenges on both sides and see what you can do together to work through them. You both may want the same thing, but sometimes life interferes and just makes that so darn difficult. This is an important Rune and you need to use its guidance to either enjoy what you have, or see what needs to change so you both find the abundance in love you deserve.

Mõtete lõpuleviimine ...

When it comes to Rune reading for love, you can get instant snap answers with a 1-Rune draw, or a more in-depth picture of the relationship with a love reading. Find out the nitty-gritty with Runes, no matter how confused you may feel right now.

Have a question? There’s a Rune for that.

See how these answers align with your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes, and you’ll have the whole picture to work with. Let us know how it goes!

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Let’s get one thing straight: there’s nothing wrong with being alone on Valentine’s Day. In fact, it can be even more fun to have the freedom to explore yourself and practice self-armastus if you do find yourself feeling particularly despondent.

Join us on this quest if you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, and together we will manifest positive feelings so you can fall in love with yourself this year. Using the powerful tool of the Tarot, we will go on this adventure together. You don’t even need to have a Tarot deck, you can use our free online Tarot readings.

Hakkame pihta!

Samm 1: Come Up With a Positivity-Inducing Question

Any professional Tarot reader will tell you the most important part of a Tarot reading is asking the right questions. Simply shuffling the Tarot deck and pulling cards without setting an intention will probably leave you feeling just as confused and down as you were before you pulled the cards. But if you have a clear intention of what you want, the Tarot can help you see how to get there.

Even having an idea of how you want to feel versus how you’re feeling in the moment will allow the Tarot to guide you.

Some great sample questions to ask the Tarot on Valentine’s Day are

  • What can I release to feel positive?
  • What can I focus on to feel positive?
  • How can I feel more confident about myself?

Do you see how the question is essential to getting the guidance that you need? If you spend time getting clear on your question and what you want to gain from your Tarot reading, you’ll get a lot more information that you can actually work with.

Samm 2: Let the Tarot Cards Speak

There are so many Tarot spreads you can choose from, and they can be as simple or complex as you like. These Tarot spreads from BiddyTarot are great, but we’ll walk you through a simple past, present, tulevik Tarot spread.

In a past, present, future three card spread, the Tarot will show you the past in relation to your question, where you’re at currently, and how best to direct your energy for the future. This interpretation is open-ended, meaning that you’re creating your future and becoming aware that the current projection of your energy. Then, you can shift that energy to change your projected future. This empowering way of using the Tarot puts the steering wheel in your hands so that you can choose to focus on positive thoughts and thus redirect the outcome of your Valentine’s Day to be one that is personally fulfilling and satisfying – no matter your suhe status.

Read the interpretation of each card and see how each card answers part of or all of your question. We always recommend that you write down in a Tarot journal the date, what question you came to the Tarot with, which cards you pulled and in what order, and the teadmisi that come to you. This way, your interpretations will be clearer and you can revisit your reading, later on, to get a different perspective if you feel the need to.

Most people, especially newcomers to Tarot, find Tarot reading to be a lot easier expected because all of the answers to finding happiness become accessible when we trust our intuition and that that looking within will light the way to happiness. Tarot reading is a process of trust. Relax, let the Tarot cards speak, and trust that your inner voice is guiding you in the right direction. Tarot reading activates a state of trust that allows joy to be accessed from its source: directly from the soul.

Samm 3: Ask a Follow-Up Question

Often when you ask a question about how to conjure positivity when you are already feeling emotional turmoil, your Tarot reading will spark another question. In these situations, don’t hesitate to ask the Tarot a follow-up question.

For example, pulling the 3 of Cups card suggests it’s time to be around some high-vibe friends. You can pull just one more card (sometimes known as a “clarifying card”) to ask the Tarot what type of activity would be a good idea or which friends to reach out to. Sometimes spending the day with a person you least expected to can be exactly what you didn’t know you needed.

Again, write down your follow-up question, and journal about what insights are revealed by the clarifying card(s) you pull. Now you can see a clear path to manifesting positivity on Valentine’s Day – all thanks to the power of the Tarot.

Mõtte lõpuleviimine ...

Being single or alone on Valentine’s Day means you get the time to practice self-love and connect to your personal power, which are is just as potent if not more delicious than any date. Tarot enables you to hear your inner voice more clearly so your soul connection can come through and reveal the happiness and acceptance that’s been inside you all along.

Tarot is often thought of merely as a tool to predict the future or to find out what someone else is feeling, yet people are missing the true power Tarot has to guide us to create the reality we desire. Do not attempt to use the Tarot to control or manipulate anyone else’s feelings; rather, look to guide your own thoughts and emotions to attract positive vibrations and experiences. When we take responsibility for the energy we create, we harness our power to transform our lives.

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Welcome to our only new moon of April, square in the middle of the month!

This new moon marks the end of Mercury retrograde, though some of us might be still dealing with the aftershocks of this period for the next few weeks. It also marks, hopefully, the end of the snow storms in part of the Northern Hemisphere. This month has been intense so far, and this new moon offers us a reset, and a chance to finally clear away the winter sludge and step into spring.

This new moon is a moon to think about what seeds you will be planting, internally and externally. What spiritual growth would you like to see bloom in the next few months? Take some time Sunday or Monday to create a rituaal. Then take time to make a plan to usher in the change that has been a long time coming.

Here, an intuitive tarot card reading for each sign of the zodiac to honor the occasion.


Poos Man

The shifts and changes that are occurring in your life are at a soul level, an alchemical level, and are deeply spiritual. From the outside, it could appear as if nothing is actually happening, when in fact, everything is actually happening— because it’s happening from the inside out! What you are interested in working with and changing is profound, it is personal, and has the capacity to widen your consciousness into expansive territory. The trick is to let the dust settle, wait to receive more information, and give yourself time and space to tune in. At this time, remember that sometimes doing nothing, or doing something other than your usual actions or reactions, is doing everything.


King of Cups, Reversed

Now is the time to put focus and energy on sharing your creativity and opening up emotionally. Don’t hesitate to work through your most thrilling ideas at a faster clip than usual — displaying the raw parts of yourself is a challenge that will help you evolve. Vulnerability will pay off so long as your audience can be trusted. Ask for help if need be — your tendency to do things all on your own isn’t going to yield you the best results. At this new moon, release any resistance you have for allowing others into your brilliant world.


The High Priestess, Reversed

You’ve spent long enough doubting yourself, you’ve spent enough time hiding. You’ve spent ages waiting for permission, waiting for a perfect green light to come from outside. Wanting the right person at the right time to wave the haldjas wand of discipline and devotion your way. At this new moon, do not wish for any signals or signs or external helping hands. At this new moon, begin planting the unwavering connection you have to your intuition. The permission is you, knowing you have always been the one, always been the powerhouse of divine connection and beauty. The green light is you, starting your new life with nothing to prove to anyone but yourself and your heart.


Pentaaklite 8

A very long time has been spent working and cultivating gardens for yourself and your community. Are you looking up from your desk to enjoy it? Are you focusing on the pain, the sorrow, on all the tasks you have yet to figure out? Make this a new moon where you can really celebrate and name your magic, your drive, and all the gifts that are beginning to pay off in your world. This could be emotional, spiritual, with career, with pere, community, or all of the above. At this new moon, do a ritual that reinstates your devotion to your work. Redefine what work means to you if need be. Your work is you, your magic, your talent, your pleasure, your birthright. Make it fun, make it intriguing, make it playful, kutsuma joy. This is how your abundance will continue to grow.


Fortune ratas

Lovely Leo, loosen your grip. Beautiful dancer, leave space for the universe to fill in the gaps. The cycle you are currently in wants you to reinstate and redefine the true core of who you are now. Not yesterday, not last year, not what you think you want people to see. You may have just started new projects, or screwed up your courage and screamed out your new desires or identities to the world. So far you’ve only received echoes and it may be getting you down a bit. Please realize that that change takes time. At this new moon, please devote yourself to seeing all the opportunities that are coming your way. Please commit to following the threads, even if they could almost be invisible at times, that are weaving their way into the bigger resplendent web that only needs your surrender and your steadfast sweetness.



Ok, Virgo, there’s someone on the other end of the line for you and it’s saying its name is Grey Area Deuce, Get Loose, Sing the Truth, Move Your Caboose. Virgo, the message is telling me that in order to make the huge strides you are just on the edge of making, you’ve got to recombine. Introduce wonky combinations of ideas, ways of being, ways of communicating, ways of showing your belly, in order to attain transcendence and access to a different and exciting aspect of yourself. A very true purpose of your life at this time is to show the larger world something weird, something different, something that only you possess, something only you can feel the weight of in your hand. But first you’ve got to go through a messy period and messiness isn’t your favorite state of being in. First, you’ve got to put the other limiting ways of being and ways of seeing in the recycling bin. That will clear up space for you to finger paint out your fresh haiku to the adoring masses.


5 võlukeppidest

We’ve been raised in our society to be afraid of conflict. However, going through conflicts are what forces us to grow. Tension forces us to clarify who we are and who we are not. For the past while, you might have been feeling really stretched thin. There might have been external events pulling you every which way. Internally, there might be some ego conflicts of the past and present battling it out, making it hard to focus. Before a massive up level comes challenges and freakouts. At this new moon, get really clear around what you own, who you are, and what you are tending to. Let anything not in support of that fall away. Work with this pressure to make you into a diamond. Be resolute about which battles are wasting your time, and which ones will end in an olive branch.



Hey sweet babe, let’s have some fun! Hey sweet babe, sing a armastus song to stubbornness until the bridge changes key into flexibility. You’ve been working so hard for so long for so many other reasons, parts of you might be on auto-pilot. This is a lovely New Moon to reconnect with your heart: after all, isn’t that the real reason you go, go, go? Let your heart’s desires lead you into different settings. Make play a priority, especially with the tough bits. Opening up in tender ways allows you to see how many people are devoted to you.



Lovely Archer, this new moon is just for you. But isn’t every fresh start, a fresh start just for you? 😉 This is a time for you to recommit to your highest ideals and most lofty ideas. You’ve got the power, the devotion, and the confidence to go for it. This is a New Moon to set your wildest intentions for what you would most want to happen in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. At this new moon, you are both ant and hawk. At this new moon, you are both the roots of the trees enjoying the rich soil, and the tippy tops of the tall branches reaching towards the stars. You must be both now. Sink in. Stretch out. You’ve got this.


Suurte kuninganna

Hey, Sexy thing. Yes, you—stop looking over your shoulder! If you are doing any manifestation work, any spells, any intentions at this new moon you better make them easy and sensual. You better fill up your altar with berries, dance the Tango or the Horah or the Tootsie Roll or whatever else makes your toes tap with ease because it is a laugh-out-loud joy that will be filling your cup and it is sparkling, scintillating speeches that will be your best spells. And you better let other people see you, arms spread wide, teeth flashing as you chortle. Get out there. Let others see you, revel in you, enjoy you. Let yourself be the magnet to all that you desire simply by being your freest most true self.


2 of Cups

There’s a lovely, healthy, abundant introduction coming your way, and it is setting the tone for the next few years for you. That’s because you’ve been doing the uncomfortable work of really looking in the mirror and allowing yourself to enjoy what you see. You’ve stopped blaming yourself so much. You’ve given yourself the priceless gifts of forgiveness and acceptance. At this new moon, allow yourself to invite in even more collaborations with all the different parts of yourself. If it is time to explore one area, swim out into uncharted oceans, pick up an old beloved hobby from the past, go for it. If it is time to exhale and allow other people to help you; particularly help you to do things you dislike, allow them. You need to time for healthy activities, for activities that fill you up and give to you, and for being the messenger of cosmic love that you know you have always been.


6 of Pentacles

Have you been taking too much, or have you been giving too much? Is it time for you to ask for more? Take up more space? Put your needs first and take a stand? There are people in your life that want to help you. 6 of Pentacles has to do with power, with altruism, and with giving as much as you take. You have most likely spent the last 2 months or more in an up-leveling process. Lots of shadow work and lots of facing your greatest fears and vulnerabilities have taken place. Now it is time to allow your transformed and empowered self to catch up. At this new moon, practice asking for more than you previously have. Practice receiving opportunities and praise in an embodied manner. You are more than worth all that you ask for. Your gifts are priceless.

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The Gospel readings we’re encountering right now are about the difficulties of discipleship—how hard it is to be a follower of Christ.

Last week, you’ll remember, several people made excuses for not following Jesus. Our Lord made clear that nothing could be more important than proclaiming the kingdom.

Next week, we encounter one of the most powerful parables of discipleship, the story of the Good Samaritan, which challenges us to ask, “Who is my neighbor?”

But in the middle of this, this Sunday, the Gospel is more pragmatic. Jesus gives practical advice for what it means to spread the Good News—what to wear, what to carry, what to say. And he warns his followers: “I am sending you like lambs among wolves.”

Discipleship, he suggests, can carry a high price.

If you want a timely reminder of that, look no further than an exhibition happening this weekend in Los Angeles.

At the cathedral there, they are displaying relics from three remarkable holy men: St. Thomas More, Saint John Fisher, and Blessed Oscar Romero.

All three gave their lives for their faith—but one, Oscar Romero, is a martyr of our own time. When he was Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero spoke out courageously against the military-led government that was persecuting the poor. He condemned torture and executions. And he paid for that outspokenness with his life. In March of 1980, he was gunned down by assassins while celebrating Mass.

The relics of Romero that are on display in Los Angeles include two notable items: a handkerchief stained with his blood…and a surprising relic of the modern age, a microphone.

The microphone was one he used when speaking on the radio, broadcasting homilies and speeches to the people.

When the military junta assassinated Oscar Romero, officials clearly hoped to silence the voice that microphone carried.

But now, it has only grown louder.

Thirty six years after his martyrdom, Romero speaks to us of courage in a time of persecution, and freedom in a time of oppression.

It is a voice more of us need to hear.

This weekend, the same weekend his relics are on display, we conclude the “Fortnight for Freedom,” the annual event sponsored by the U.S. Catholic bishops, reminding us that one of the freedoms we cherish the most, religious freedom, is not something any of us should take for granted.

Especially now.

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The eclipses are done, and the sun has entered Virgo, grounding us in the details and helping us make sense of what the heck just happened. For this last weekend of the month, Venus is moving from Cancer into Leo. With Venus in play mode, armastus is feeling less serious and more fun. And with the moon in Scorpio, expect intense passion and ample opportunity to express it. With great passion comes great sex but also increased potential for impulsive behavior and conflict. Enjoy this post-eclipse passion reward, but don’t let it get the best of you. Give yourself a beat to think before you act, then have fun!

Find out how the planets’ positions at your precise birth day, time, and place influence your personality and life circumstances.

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
Uraan in Aries trines Mars, squares Venus, and opposes the moon. You’re feeling confident and grounded this week. Your mind is clear, and you’re able to express yourself accurately. But the more attention you focus on tension in your love life and on that restlessness you’re feeling, the less fun you’ll be having. You may find it hard to keep these thoughts from overwhelming you, and you’re likely going to want to give in to your impulsive, aggressive tendencies. Just wait. You’re feeling the nagging desire for love and comfort, but right now, you’re better off embracing your passion and sexuality. Your patience will be tested, but by Sunday, you’ll be feeling calmer.

Love Lesson: Balance what isn’t working right now with an appreciation for what is.

Passion Prediction:

Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
As Venus spends its last day hanging out in Cancer, expect to be feeling a little underwhelmed by love. You’ve been wanting the secure partnership thing this past month, and while you haven’t stopped wanting that, it hasn’t been living up to your expectations. Maybe the problem isn’t with love, but with all the expectations you have for it. As Venus moves into Leo on Saturday, you’ll be asked to lighten up, and you will…in time. You’re bound to resist and feel a bit uncomfortable about the change at first, but once you give in to Leo’s fiery ways, then you’re likely to enjoy the uptick in energy and confidence it brings you. No more dragging your feet. If you want things to be a certain way, it’s time to make them happen

Love Lesson: Unmet expectations are the source of most discomfort in love…and life. Let your intentions evolve.

Passion Prediction:

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
You love a good talk, have a million and one projects going on, and lots of thoughts in your head. Sometimes this leaves you scattered and keeps you from building long-term suhted, but for you, meeting people is easy. And it’ll be even easier this weekend when the sun conjuncts Mercury and trines Uranus. So, go out and have some fun. Any people pleasing tendencies will subside as your attention shifts to your own enjoyment. This is an excellent time to express your boundaries and be clear on what you want. Anyone who can’t respect that isn’t for you. Embrace the strength you feel right now, and don’t be afraid to be assertive. As with everything, as long as you’re doing it from a place of love, all will be okay.

Love Lesson: If you have to sacrifice your boundaries to keep a suhe going, it’s probably not a relationship worth having.

Passion Prediction:

vähk Weekend Love Horoscope
Venus is in Cancer for one more day. This will leave you feeling moody and needy on Friday as it squares the moon. By Saturday, as Venus leaves Cancer, you’ll be feeling less pressure around any relationship, and the Scorpio moon will allow you to harness your intuition in a way that you haven’t felt in awhile. This is especially true on Sunday, so whatever happens this weekend, trust yourself. You’ll be feeling more sexual and open to casual encounters. This may take you by surprise, but again, just trust yourself. Your desires may be unexpected, but you’ll know whether they’re something you want to act on or not. You are the boss of you, and you don’t need anyone else’s approval to enjoy what you enjoy.

Love Lesson: There’s no rulebook for love. Trust yourself, and stay true. The rest will follow.

Passion Prediction:

Lõvi Weekend Love Horoscope
While the sun has left your sign, Venus is joining Mars in Leo. As they creep closer together, our sex and love lives become increasingly aligned, and with both of these aspects in Leo, all things romance are aligned with your beliefs, values, and goals. Your playful confidence is what people want, and with this weekend’s Scorpio moon amping up the sex factor, you’re likely to feel the passion. If you initiate anything this weekend—whether it’s asking someone on a date or rolling over in the morning to kiss your partner—chances are you’ll be well received. Venus and Mars are staying in Leo through September 4, so enjoy the extra sexy energy your radiating until then!

Love Lesson: It’s not so much that there’s a purpose as there’s a path. Our lovers are a part of this, and there comes a time when we all have to face where we are and decide who we want to be and who we want to be with.

Passion Prediction:

Neitsi Weekend Love Horoscope
Happy birthday, Virgo babies! The sun is with you and all of us. Your Virgo ways are inspiring everyone right now, and because of this, you’ll find it easier to relate to people. Your ruling planet of Mercury is still retrograde, but this weekend it conjuncts the sun. Expect increased clarity—especially on Saturday. As the mental obstacles disappear, you’ll be reminded of your spiritual side. You’ll understand that everything’s okay. That there’s an abundance of joy and beauty in this world, and with this blissful state of mind, you’ll be able to connect to any partner in a whole new way. Turn off the mind. Turn off the talking. Tundma your way through this time. See where it leads—and enjoy the journey.

Love Lesson: Talking about things can get in the way of doing things. Let the doing lead you where you’re going.

Passion Prediction:

Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
The moon passes through Libra on Friday, aspecting both Venus and Mars. You’ll be feeling eh on love but brimming with sexual passion. This sexual empowerment continues throughout the weekend. Have fun with it, but be careful not to lose yourself in it. You’re accustomed to being even keeled and disciplined, but this weekend’s energia will bring out your adventurous side that wants to flirt with risk. What happens this weekend may not fit neatly into whatever plans you laid out for yourself, but we all need time to let loose and let wild. So be safe, but feel free to do the things you wouldn’t normally do. Step outside your comfort zone. It’s bound to teach you something new.

Love Lesson: Planning will only get you so far. Unbridled living—and loving—leads you the rest of the way.

Passion Prediction:

Skorpion Weekend Love Horoscope
Hello Scorpio moon! You’ve been hanging out on the sidelines a bit lately and absorbing everyone else’s energy, issues, and love challenges; but now, the moon is in you, and all watery goodness is aligned. Your intuitive, passionate self will feel right at home with this moon energy. Unfortunately this energy doesn’t exactly compliment the energy coming in from Venus and Mars. The result is amped-up passion without much direction, causing the fiery sparks to be expressed through impulsive, impatient action. This energy creates extremes in your relationships. Heightened emotions and sexuality can lead to some exciting physical fun … but also a fair amount of conflict. You may find yourself picking fights, especially on Sunday. Enjoy the comfort you feel amongst emotional extremes, but remember not to take everything you feel so seriously. A few deep breaths (or kisses) go a long way.

Love Lesson: Pick your battles.

Passion Prediction:

Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
Your ruling planet of Jupiter conjuncts the moon on Friday and sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius all weekend. Make use of this by breaking out of the habits, behaviors, and routines you’ve set for yourself. Are you quick to dismiss partnership? Or are you quick to dive into it? Whatever’s common for you, try the opposite. See what it feels like. But avoid impulsive decisions—weigh your options first, as decisions you make this weekend will likely come from a place of emotional whims rather than any commitments you’ve made to the tulevik you. Take care of yourself by slowing down. Ask yourself what you’re likely to want tomorrow and the next day, not just right now, and teach yourself something new by playing with different ways of doing things.

Love Lesson: We repeat our patterns again and again until they teach us what we need to know, so we may choose differently.

Passion Prediction:

Kaljukits Weekend Love Horoscope
As Saturn and Pluto challenge Venus and Mars, love isn’t quite on your side, but this will change by Saturday, with the Scorpio moon. Scorpio and Capricorn are opposites in many ways, but they both appreciate loyalty. They understand the big picture and share a common ability to endure tough times. This is because they both love deeply. And this weekend, your emotional, vulnerable side—not often on display—is right at the surface, ready to be noticed, admired, and cherished. Often, your loving nature can go unnoticed because you tend to be stoic. But I see you, and this weekend, so will others. Scorpio brings out your softer more expressive side, leaving you with the ability to turn any negative impressions into positive ones.

Love Lesson: Like everyone, you’re many things. While you want people to see that in you, don’t forget to also see it in them.

Passion Prediction:

Veevalaja Weekend Love Horoscope
Uranus trines Mars, Mercury, and the sun. This is a time for enjoying the physical, mental side of things. Affection and emotional fulfillment elude you right now, but sexually, things are heating up. You’re feeling the desire to flirt and connect, but your sensual side is at odds with the intense, demanding energy of the Scorpio moon. You may feel frustrated with the general emotional passion in the air, but that’s because your passion is more intellectual. You desire a meeting of minds. Someone you can have a long, deep conversation with. That’s what turns you on, and right now, the conversation alone might be enough. But if it leads to something more, then even better. Opt for one-on-one socializing rather than groups, and choose somewhere quiet that allows for conversation and then some.

Love Lesson: Sometimes nothing is sexier than an excellent conversation.

Passion Prediction:

Pisces Weekend Love Horoscope
Neptune in Pisces trines the Scorpio moon. This aspect brings all the water elements together and leaves you feeling super connected to the astral plane. You’ll be floating freely through all your experiences. Your thinking mind will be silenced. It’s a great time for sex that takes you someplace higher. This blissful state allows for incredible spiritual experience, especially on Sunday, but it’s not a great time for making any practical decisions. If your partner wants to talk, kindly ask them to be patient with you and wait until you’re ready to have the conversation. You may be off in your own world this weekend, but if they can come meet you up there, then you’re bound to experience some pretty transformative, open, and honest love.

Love Lesson: People experience life through different lenses. Remember that because you and your partner are seeing something different, you both have something to show each other.

Passion Prediction:

Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, tervendav, and more through her company, FleetingConnections.com.

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In part one of our Intro to Tarot series, your Spirit Goddess, Gala Darling, explained how to choose your perfect tarot deck. Now that you’ve found yours, cleansed it, and infused your own energy into it, it’s time to begin your tarot-reading education. Don’t be intimidated! The key to reading tarot truly is within you. Once you’ve accessed it, a whole world awaits. Through the tarot, you can connect with the energia around you, step into your true path, and own your present and tulevik like never before. When you think about it, that’s a pretty awesome kingitus to give yourself: free tarot readings for life! —The Horoscope.com Editors

So, you’ve selected your dream deck, cleansed it (a full moon is always a great time to cleanse cards, btw!) and made it feel like yours. Now it’s time to dive into the exciting world of learning to read your cards!

This might seem intimidating at first. There are a lot of cards to memorize, after all. But you don’t have to commit them all to memory at once, and there are so many tools on the market to help you. For example, you might like to try Theresa Reed’s Tarot Coloring Book, which will give you wonderful teadmisi as well as a fun project for the cooler coming months. Or pick up a recent favourite of mine, Michelle Tea’s Modern Tarot book, which has great, contemporary interpretations of the cards. Although, I have to be honest: When I was first starting out, I had biddytarot.com on speed-dial! I was constantly looking up cards in Biddy’s database. Her site is an amazing resource, especially when you’re on the go.

You should know that there is no shame in not being a card genius straight off the bat. (Why is it that we expect ourselves to be instantly wonderful at any given skill? Enjoying the journey of learning can be so much fun in and of itself!) It’s totally cool for you to look up the cards as you go. And even once you’re adept with a deck, it’s still a joy to research alternate meanings to the cards and deepen your knowledge!

To read cards, first, shuffle them. You don’t have to be David Blaine (or Criss Angel)—even a messy shuffle will do. This helps to put your energetic signature on the cards. Then, if you want to separate them into three stacks and then put them back together, you can… but it’s totally up to you. As in most forms of magic, what is most important is that you do what feels best.

The easiest card pull is a single card pull. Yep, it does what it says on the tin: You pull one card and get a little shot of insight. To really maximize the vibes, ask the deck a question as you’re shuffling. Open-ended questions are best, for example, “Is there anything I need to know about this potential lover?”

The second—and perhaps most popular—pull is a past, present, and future spread. Pull three cards, the first signifying the past, the second the present, and the third the future. This is a fantastic spread for zooming out and getting a bird’s eye view on what’s really going on for you—and what you can expect in the future.

Below, I’ve borrowed a new moon spread from the wonderful site Little Red Tarot: Pull seven cards. The first card is about where you stand: you and the energy around you. The second card is something to leave behind. The third card is something to receive. The fourth card is something to learn. The fifth card is something to give. The sixth card is your hopes and dreams. And the seventh is your secret special skill!

Mina ka armastus this simple—but powerful!—spread for finding your mojo from Little Red Tarot: Split your cards into two piles: major and minor arcana. Then shuffle separately. Pull your first card from the major stack, and cards two and three from the minor stack. Card one represents your mojo. Card two shows you what’s getting in the way…. And card three tells you your solution! As Beth, the creator of Little Red Tarot, says, “DO THIS NOW!”

Good luck with these spreads!

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An Aquarius moon brings out the rebel in you and me and everyone we meet. That extra special something that makes you you is shining, and Venus is paying attention. Lovers want to see you as your most authentic self. The truer you are to your deepest desires, the more likely it is that you’ll find the person who will armastus and choose you for you. Don’t worry about what other people think. Throw your cares away. Wave your freak flag high. Be the truest, weirdest version of yourself. That’s the ultimate self care, and if you honor it, you just may be rewarded with sex on Friday and a whole lot of love the rest of the weekend.

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
Adventure awaits. The Aquarius moon amps up the Uraan energy in Aries, highlighting your fiery fierce independence. This will attract lovers, especially on Friday as the moon trines your ruling planet Mars. Mars is in Libra, making you quite the peacekeeper, but you’re not having to sacrifice anything to connect with this softer side of yourself. This is a genuine expression of who you are, making you even more attractive. Sex is bound to feel a lot more like love making, and you may find yourself getting more creative than usual in the bedroom. On the downside, you may also feel like you’re losing yourself to your partner, but this feeling will subside by the end of the weekend. So don’t let it get you down, and enjoy the pleasurable side of things.
Love Lesson: Compromise doesn’t mean sacrificing the things most important to us.

Passion Prediction:
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
Love is changing you, but this change doesn’t come naturally. You’re going to have to push through all of your illusions, your stubbornness, and your fear of doing things differently in order to let yourself evolve. Pluto squares your ruler Venus. You need to shed some layers in order to expand, but you’ve been wearing these layers for a long time. You’ve never even considered letting them go. The longer you cling to your old ways, the harder it will be for you to benefit from this aspect. If your love life seems stagnant right now, then you know you’re resisting the change. Your resistance is simply a consequence of your fear. Open your eyes. Look at your lover or lack there of, and let love expose you.

Love Lesson: Love shows you the parts of yourself you fear the most.

Passion Prediction:

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re uncovering treasure. Mercury in Scorpio has you digging deep into the troves of your mind. You feel unconditional love for everyone, including yourself. This deepening of self love and universal love is permanently changing you. This is part of your journey, and this newfound abundance of self love will lead you to partner love. But not this weekend. This weekend, you’re seeing all of your weirdness clearly, and this is stage one of fully feeling the love for yourself. But at first glance, you aren’t sure you like what you see. You aren’t sure that it’s loveable, but you have to see it clearly first in order to love it. And once you do, a true partner is headed your way.

Love Lesson: Love yourself first.

Passion Prediction:
vähk Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re feeling romantic! I know this is pretty often the case for you, but it’s even more true right now. The moon trines Mars and Venus, allowing sex and love to ripple through your life. Expect to be showered with affection and to do some showering yourself. But don’t expect this to happen in the form of traditional romantic tropes. No, this weekend is all about new ways of giving and receiving love. If you have no clue what that could mean, don’t worry about it. There’s no pressure for you or your lover to get creative. This new experience of love will simply happen. Don’t overthink it. That will be the ultimate mood killer and actually circumvent your experience of new, fun romance.

Love Lesson: Feel your way through it.

Passion Prediction:
Lõvi Weekend Love Horoscope
The sun conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio, but one thing is threatening your ability to benefit from this incredibly fortunate aspect: your pride. Don’t believe everything you think. Yes, you are special, but you aren’t so special that you have nothing else to learn from other people. You may think you’re just free and doing what suits you best, but don’t let that to stop you from seeing the world from other people’s point of view. Lean into the hard emotions that are actually keeping you from wanting to see the world differently. That’s what Scorpio’s here to teach you. Scorpio wants you to feel everything and let those emotions transform you, so let them.
Love Lesson: Arrogance isolates you from love.

Passion Prediction:
Neitsi Weekend Love Horoscope
Your world is expanding in the most beautiful way, but what does this mean for the life you’ve built? Reality is busting at the seams, but it’s just the one you created in your mind. The world looks different now. Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune and squares the moon. Your perspective is expanding. You’re getting in touch with your spiritual side. It leaves you feeling more connected to the world and to people but also destabilized. You realize that the way you’ve been thinking about things doesn’t align with your path. You’ll have to make some changes to honor this new perspective. And this realization hurts. You may find yourself questioning everything, including your suhted. Look to the special person (or people) in your life to guide you back. They’ve got your back.

Love Lesson: True love grows with you.

Passion Prediction:
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
Mars opposes Chiron, and sexual insecurities block your ability to let love in. You’re emotionally triggered, and you aren’t thinking straight. You don’t want to face your feelings, so you pull away. You isolate. You rather be alone than risk conflict, but this behavior will confuse any partner. They don’t understand what’s going on because you aren’t sharing it. You aren’t sharing it because you’re scared. Trust them. They can handle it. The moon trines Venus, and lovers are inclined to be exceptionally supportive right now. They may react poorly at the start, but the peacemaking love will come through in the end. This is a deep issue that you need to work through, and any partner is here to help.

Love Lesson: Open up and help your partner understand your behavior.

Passion Prediction:
Skorpion Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re growing into exactly who you’re meant to be. Jupiter conjuncts the sun in Scorpio. It’s an incredible time for getting in touch with the universe, having mindblowing sex, and making financial decisions. It’s also a great time for love because when Jupiter conjuncts the Scorpio sun, all things go your way, but the Aquarius moon makes it harder for you to realize what a good time this is. The growth happening now is scary. It feels a lot like taking a leap off a cliff toward the wilderness and hoping you don’t crash. But if you don’t take the risk, you’ll never know what’s out there. Go for the suhe you want. Don’t allow your fear of being too intense to hold you back.

Love Lesson: You deserve all the love the world has to give.

Passion Prediction:
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
Saturn sextiles Venus. Jupiter conjuncts the sun. You’re learning something profound this weekend. It’ll leave you feeling both free and expansive but also tight and limited. Romantically, you feel like the world is your oyster, but you also fear there aren’t any pearls to be found. This combination of optimism and pessimism fools you into thinking that you’re just being realistic. You think that there really isn’t a right person out there for you. You fail to notice that this usk is rooted in fear. You’re inclined to settle for so-so romantic situations. But the more you lean into the optimism Jupiter is giving you, the more clearly you’ll see how you’re holding yourself back.

Love Lesson: The right person for you isn’t perfect, but they are perfect for you.

Passion Prediction:
Kaljukits Weekend Love Horoscope
Venus is collaborating with Saturn and Pluto to shift your perspective on love. The shift comes when you learn something new, and this new thing is going to change you – if you let it. This could result in major relationship shifts – both in terms of coming closer together or splitting apart – but don’t expect a major a-ha moment. This lesson is subtle and requires you to pay attention. Stay aware of yourself, your partner, and what you want in life. Think about how it all fits together and make sure you aren’t making choices that don’t support each other. This awareness won’t hurt you. Your connection to love is strong right now. Any choices you make are made from there.
Love Lesson: Choose from love.

Passion Prediction:
Veevalaja Weekend Love Horoscope
An Aquarius moon trines Mars on Friday and Venus on Saturday. Your love life is soaring. Exciting sexual energy moves through to kick off the weekend and deep feelings of partnership love are present the next morning. You’ve been having a hard time making space for a partner, but this weekend, you’ll feel the true value of having someone special by your side. Spend time with them on Saturday, and take some time for yourself on Sunday. Let yourself bask in the feelings. If you’re single, take some time on Saturday to reflect on the partner you wish to attract. Visualize them. Write down how you want this person to make you feel. Read the words out loud. Sit with them. Keep doing what makes you happy, and let love come to you.

Love Lesson: Move forward with grit.

Passion Prediction:
Pisces Weekend Love Horoscope
Your thoughts and words are clear. This weekend is all about communication as Mercury, Jupiter, and the sun trine Neptune in Pisces. If there’s anything you want to reflect on, reflect on it now. If there’s anything you want to say, say it now. Love may still elude you, but you know who you are and you know what you want. Don’t be afraid to say it out loud. Trust your intuition. It’s highly reliable right now. Ask the universe for signs about how to heal your ongoing struggles in love. You only have a month or so more of these same love issues, so make the most of this time. Know that it is just passing through and that you can trust your powerful connection to the spirit plane to guide you through this.

Armastus õppetund: To be heard, speak clearly, honestly, and from the heart.

Passion Prediction:

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